More Disappearing Arctic Data

Earlier this month, DMI showed Arctic ice volume above the 2004-2013 average. I tweeted about this and copied BBC News, CNN, NPR and the New York Times.

7:21 AM · Dec 5, 2021

Quite predictably, the data disappeared for three days, and now that it has returned, DMI has massively reduced the amount of sea ice in the Arctic. Much of the thick ice off the coast of Siberia has disappeared.

CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20211204.png (728×631)

Rapidly Disappearing Arctic Ice | Real Climate Science

Now, just as Arctic sea ice extent was about to become the highest for the date in the past 17 years, the extent data has disappeared as well. This is what the OSI Arctic and Antarctic sea ice data looked like three days ago.

And this is what it looks like now. All the data after November 4 has disappeared.

According to NSIDC, Arctic sea ice extent is just below 2004 and 2014

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

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14 Responses to More Disappearing Arctic Data

  1. Thomas Fowler says:

    This kind of fraudulent data manipulation is straight out of 1984. Orwell would be proud! Ultimately, though, reality takes precedence over lies and faked science. The world will learn at that point the value of real truth over ideology.

  2. Mike Smith says:

    Well spotted!

  3. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    I just checked temps in the areas where the ice suddenly disappeared. How in the heck is ice suddenly melting with zero sunlight this time of year and temps minus 30 to minus 40C across the entire area?
    They lie about everything. The 2 biggest scams in history are ongoing at the same time. Vaccines and climate change.
    It’s all about the money and population control

  4. Rockwood says:

    In other words, SICK deluded bastards and bitches (my apologies but I must identify both genders) manipulating the data. Just like the Wuhan Flu Plandemic. Ya baby, who ever they are, whatever they are trying to do, the lies cannot be sustained.

  5. James Henry says:

    This is fraud. And, the fraud will be allowed because the media supports it.

  6. James Snook says:

    Any chance of wringing an explanation out of D.M.I. Tony?

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    So what do the Russians say? It seems more and more that we can trust anyone who is not part of the Chinese cartel, better than those who are in its pay. Western Science now owes most of its living to Chinese grants and will do anything to get that money.
    As said above, how the heck do they know that the ice changed by that much, or what it was to begin with? I’m assuming that all of this is model output based on a few data points. If the output doesn’t agree with Pravda (ironic name given who now tells the truth and who lies) then they tweek the model to make its output agree with the narrative. Does anyone trot investigators out on the ice to spot check the model in the middle of winter?
    Are those ships still locked in the ice? Maybe they can measure its thickness.

  8. Windsong says:

    Does Russia have an ice map/graphing service available to the public, like DMI or the Canadian Ice Service? It would be an interesting side-by-side comparison. With the DMI plotting so little ice along the northern Russia (Siberian) coast, the Russians continue to rapidly deploy huge nuclear powered icebreakers to the area. The latest breaker to be delivered, the Sibir, is expected to be put to work in the spring of 2022. Three more ships of the same class capable of operating in 4m/13ft of ice are under construction. Even larger icebreakers are being developed.

  9. Shawn Marshall says:

    Gummint destroys everything it controls: marriage and gender just two prime examples, not to speak of babies….. or the elderly…..

  10. Jeff Lucchesi says:

    I have a question, actually two, that are more general and not specific to the Disappearing Arctic: Those that push the idea of Global Warming/Climate Change always talk about how dangerous rising CO2 levels and the mean global temperature are for the future of the planet. I’ve never heard of a solution that specifies an optimal mean global temperature or an optimal level of CO2.

    Tony, I’d like to hear your input on the subject of is there an optimal level for CO2 or the global mean temperature? Looking at past history of both levels I’d suspect there may not be.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      It’s like chasing your tail. There are a lot of better things to do than worry about the global optimum temperature or the CO2 level. Worrying about these things, and chasing after optimums takes resources from real problems, and real solutions that would improve real people’s lives.
      And if there were an actual optimum, then the government would never hit it, but would claim that they were always at it, regardless what the real data showed about their efforts. You wouldn’t be allowed to look at the real data, so that you would never be able to call them out. Kind of like now.

  11. Max Beran says:

    It looks like the entire year has been adjusted, not just the last few days. There is no obvious flag to explain the change and critical links on DMI website do not work including the contact which tells me my email address is invalid. The question is whether the changes are to be applied retrospectively – the final plotted number seems to be the outcome of quite a tortuous process combining several ice-related indices into a single final area value so plenty of scope for re-evaluation. Will future time series mention a discontinuity?

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