Most Vaccinated State Vs. Least Vaccinated

Wyoming COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer

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  1. oldedude says:

    Go to “Google”. Type in “Covid Infection Statistics” – you can add “worldwide” or “by country” or specify a particular country. “Google” will show you all kinds of graphs similar to the one Mr. Heller’s provided above. It makes for very interesting comparisons, particularly comparing nations like Sweden, which took a restrained, even “minimalist” approach to the whole “COVID Crisis” and those nations which went “whole hog” with their lockdowns and distancings and masks and vaccinations. It’s even more dramatic than this Wyoming vs. Vermont comparison. What one will see is exactly what I predicted back in March of 2020 (it was also predicted, around that same time, by leading epidemiologists/biologists/medical doctors/etc. at Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford, but Dr. Collins, then head of NIH, told Fauci to “shut them down”, which he and his media and big tech allies did – incidentally banning me from every outlet as well because it matters not whether truth is preached by the experts or by little schmucks like me – it must be silenced). Bottom line whether you listen to me or the professionals at prestigious schools is that COVID is just the flu. It acts like every other flu (indeed, virus) has since time immemorial. The more you try to suppress it, the more you will provoke and promote mutations. Add in the worst notion of a vaccine ever produced (these narrowly targeted, so-called “protein based sub unit vaccines”) and it’s no surprise that we have the constant mutations we’ve seen with ever more infectious variants. It’s how viruses work. We’re actually fortunate that we’ve not made it even worse than we have. Unfortunately, we’ve had at least two generations of deliberate “dumbing down” of our schools and our young have been primed to follow the dictates of the “experts”, trained to proceed, in lockstep, when the call goes out that “scientists say”. It’s like the “zombie apocalypse”, only the zombies don’t eat brains, they simply don’t have any.

    • Eli the Pit Bull says:

      Worse is coming. Also in March 2020, the great Eli predicted as you did, and had this same conversation with Tony. It’s best to let the virus circulate in the healthy population and defeat the virus through herd immunity. We can protect the elderly without shutting down economies and vaccines. I said it then and I’ll say it again, there’s no such thing as a vaccine for Caronaviruses because it’s constantly chasing the tail. All they do with these so called Covid vaccines is weaken the immune system, and now with all of these politicians and sports stars coming down with Covid that are 3 jabbed……….
      But it will keep you out of the hospital they say. Over 95% of the people that get Covid without the vax need no medical intervention anyway.
      Incidentally, the death toll from Covid in Vermont is much higher now than before the vax, and now nearly 100% of the eligible adult population has been vaxxed.
      The good news is BBB is dead. The bad news is Biden is really mad and is going to take it out on the unvaxxed tomorrow. Here comes the restrictions and unconstitutional mandates
      I don’t want those crooks and their vaccines anywhere near my grandchildren

  2. Barnes Moore says:

    Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India with a population of 231 million now has 189 TOTAL cases as of 12/19 with 23 new and about 28% vaccinated. Why? Because they chose to launch an aggressive campaign to distribute covid kits containing, among other things, Ivermectin. Their first campaign started in August 2020, and they virtually eliminated covid until several million people from other states came to UP who were infected with Delta. They launched a second, even more aggressive campaign and daily cases went from over 35000 to under 300 in less than 2 months when total vax’d stood at 5%. The daily case count is actually climbing a bit – earlier in December, total cases hovered around the 100 mark, some days more, some days less. Still, 189 total cases in a population of 231 million is a story that should be told, but our corrupt media buries it. I am just glad I live in the free state of Florida.

  3. Mark macfadzrn says:

    Omicron hopefully put to bed all its attention, unless of course Gov’t will do whatever it’s takes to prolong its end. Not because they want to but because they won’t look at all options available.

  4. Janet Marshall says:

    Looks like NaZzzzzzzzzzzzziland will more than likely bring in more lockdowns next year, probably after the witch is married in January. They are coming after the babies in a couple of weeks, the innocent 5 year olds and the purebloods. The people have embraced this apartheid. It’s so ugly here.

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