August 1912 Weather News

The Times of London reported on August 16, 1912 about devastating forest fires in Greece and a storm near Spain which killed 143 fishermen.

16 Aug 1912, Page 3 – The Times at

They also reported on destructive forest fires in Greece in early July.

08 Jul 1912, Page 5 – The Times at

In October there were large fires burning in Northern Michigan and Massachusetts.

17 Oct 1912, Page 2 – Stevens Point Journal at

22 Oct 1912, 11 – The Boston Globe at

In December there were large fires in California.

06 Dec 1912, 1 – Stockton Daily Evening Record at

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  1. Ulric Lyons says:

    That was a miserable cold August for the UK in 1912, and the coldest for Central England in over 360 years.

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