Biblical Disaster Coming

The people who revealed much of the COVID/vaccine scam say global warming is about to kill us.

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24 Responses to Biblical Disaster Coming

  1. PhilH says:

    We have only minutes to fix this problem. Let’s reduce everyone’s carbon footprint to zero.

    • Torgo says:

      Reminds one of the Metallica song “Blackened”. (Nice cat pic, BTW.)

      “Blackened is the end
      Winter it will send
      Throwing all you see
      Into obscurity

      Death of Mother Earth
      Never a rebirth
      Evolution’s end
      Never will it mend”

    • David A Nichols says:

      Yes, everyone kill themselves. Oh wait, the decomposing bodies would release carbon.

  2. Torgo says:

    Reads like the clucking of a hen…named Chicken Little.
    “Unprecedented”, check.
    “Warn us”, check.
    “Could be”, check.
    “Scary”, check.

    “What’s happening here?” Same old fear mongering and inflaming of existential anxiety. I eagerly await the imposition of “all these rules that will surely save us”, to paraphrase The Joker.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Was this written by a child who was born after the 1980’s? 1950s? 1930s? And who also never researched anything before pontificating?

  4. Russell Cook says:

    The irony. It burns. (pun)

  5. GWS says:

    In all my life I can’t remember a time when some dire catastrophe was not looming on the horizon, but then life went on rather uneventfully anyway. But, Joe Biden is a different matter.

  6. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Who wrote that and where can I find it?
    Thanks tony.

  7. Martin says:

    Jeez… they escape from the Matrix of the vaccination scam only to fall into the Matrix of the global warming scam. Say a lot about human psychology.

  8. nobler says:

    Berenson has had his head in the COVID scam so long, he likely doesn’t have enough cycles to process the global warming scam. I’m confident Mr Heller could straighten him out, IF he would listen.

  9. GreyGeek says:

    The ONLY looming disaster that I witness, which had a possibility of happening, was the Cuban Missile Crisis. My bride of 60 years and I did not know if our wedding would take place two months later. Obviously it did. We’ve watched many “world ending events” loom on the horizon, but they all went “poof” and disappeared when the light was shown onto their dark corner. All of them were mental aberrations of Marxists trying anything and everything to scare freedom loving people into giving up their freedoms for a little “security” administered by Marxist tyrants. Unfortunately, having infiltrated academia, the MNM and gov bureaucracies, their propaganda assault continues relentlessly, combined with their manipulation of data to support their claims.

  10. LSRH says:

    Project Veritas had footage a few months ago of a CNN guy who said the next thing they will be hounding everyone about is “climate change”, facts be damned.

  11. Patrick says:

    Try looking at the series of videos by Suspicious Observers on Youtube in respect to Earth’s catastrophe cycle. Earth’s magnetic poles are migrating at an increasing rate and it is anticipated that they will flip at some point. In the meantime, the effect of the poles shifting is that the magnetoshere that protects us from cosmic radiation is getting weaker. One of the side effects of more radiation getting through is more water vapour in the upper atmosphere. This creates an imbalance leading to greater weather extremes the longer it continues. That is just the bones of the subject which I have managed to grasp from listening to the channel over the last couple of years. BTW they seem to think that all this will coincide with the sun doing a mini nova and blasting one side of the Earth. The resultant differnce in pressure between either side of the globe would cause flash freezing and it is also speculated that the Earth would eventually stop spinning and start rotating the opposite way. In terms of a doomsday clock we are probably at one minute to 12. Might explain certain individuals actions in trying to get as many clot shots into as many arms as possible before it happens when crops and food supply chains and water can no longer be managed in a way that keeps the masses in line.

  12. Jimd1958 says:

    Humans have survived Toba volcanic winters, plagues, catastrophes 13,000 years ago. Possibly Solar plasma events. The Younger Dryas era and Jimmy Kimmel shows.

    We will prevail.

  13. Alexander McClintock says:

    Would the person who wrote this care to place a bet that they were correct and that Tony was wrong. No doubt they would spend Trillions of Other-Peoples-Money (OPM) but would they bet $10,000 of their own?

  14. Mike Dee says:

    No doubt this MegaDrought was predicted by the progeny of those who predicted the Ice Age in 1974.

  15. Graham Millingtin says:

    Greetings from the UK.
    It is getting to be pure evil the way climate sceptic well researched truth is suppressed while Alarmist lies and misinformation goes unchallenged. This is all part of the Great ‘Reset’ I believe. We’re heading for a very dystopian Bidenesque world graphically predicted by Orwell. I guess war will be the eventual result.

  16. If we are being biblical; a gentle warning from a higher authority: Ex 20:16; ‘thou shalt not present false witness’. The Romans threw perjurers off the Tarpeian Rock, yet now they are held in honour, to the point of reverence. But is it really lying when deluded fools believe their own nonsense?

  17. Lynne Balzer says:

    We might pay attention if any of the previous predictions made since the 1970’s had ever materialized. But none of them ever did.

  18. Rhadamanthus says:

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. If we do not immediately embrace global socialism the world will end. And it will have all been our fault.

    The post is a classic example of how to mislead the confused, ignorant and stupid with figures.

    We are told that 7.6 million acres burned in 2021. It’s a nice, big, scary figure and you can bet that morons will be quaking in their boots upon reading it. But by itself the figure’s meaningless. Is it more or less than in previous years? Has there been a trend? If so, in what direction has that trend been going? What percentage of the total area of the United States does this figure account for?

    The same applies to the figure of 52%. Has this level of drought ever happened in the past? If so, how often? Again, it’s completely meaningless without further information which the authors of the post conspicuously fail to supply.

    But in a strange way it’s comforting when people who promote one species of nonsense are also found to be promoting another. A pattern begins to emerge and, dimly, you see things making more sense.

  19. Steen Højrup says:

    The Stefan’s Church in Copenhagen arranges “Climate Mourne Groups” so that climate activists can find a space to get
    some comfort in their desperation over
    politician’s lack of action against CO2-emissions. Some of these activists are now ready to involve in violent climate actions.

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