Building Back Better With Biden

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6 Responses to Building Back Better With Biden

  1. Mark Stevens says:

    The oil and gas permit issue isn’t properly addressed in the video. The drilling permit pause was only temporary and lasted 5 months and it was only for new leases, not permits for current leases, which went on unabated. The Biden admin has allowed on average more drilling leases per month than Trump did in his first year and may go on to allow the most in current history, save GWB.
    Then just a couple of months ago Biden allowed the largest sale in history of offshore drilling in the Gulf. See:
    Now, inexplicably for Biden, there is no way to meet the emissions deadline bs, so not only did Biden lie about it, he did the opposite. Just think if Trump did that.

    Part of the higher prices are due to the Ukrainian conflict and when a war is looming the oil pricing becomes even more volatile, usually upwards. The oil companies and futures traders can, and are, holding the pricing at an artificially higher rate until the crisis is averted or turns into another war. If the conflict escalates then the profits will be some 25% more than the extended profits they’re making at the moment. If everything eventually normalizes along with the pricing then the consumer will see gas prices closer to where they should be but the producers will have already made their money. It’s a win-win for oil.

    Biden’s egregious and historical foreign policy blunder in Afghanistan was unbelievable. Now he’s seriously erring with the Ukraine. He doesn’t care about the average person, we’re all paying for it and the best answer he can provide about things is they’re looking into it. I don’t how he got elected.

    • Greg Raven says:

      When Biden took office, the U.S. was energy-independent. Within weeks, the U.S. was begging OPEC to lower fuel prices. That had nothing to do with Ukraine, and if it had nothing to do with the Biden administration’s policies I’m a monkey’s uncle. Also, we’ve had higher gas prices for much longer than we’ve had to deal with the relatively recent uptick in conflict between Russia and Ukraine. And don’t forget the Keystone Pipeline debacle.

  2. nobler says:

    Another home run from Mr Heller.

  3. Tel says:

    There’s a long list of things that Biden has done to push up energy prices.

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