Dessler Refuses To Debate His Junk Science

Dessler Refuses To Debate His Junk Science

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13 Responses to Dessler Refuses To Debate His Junk Science

  1. Ed says:

    Truth doesn’t mind being questioned.

    • Vegieman says:


    • arn says:

      His stuttering in the first 15 seconds are revealing.
      Only a psychopath could stay calm in such a situation of exposure( he obviously isn’t one)while his brain is searching for a mix of coherent lies and excuses.

      ( remember bill gates or prince andrews reactions during the interviews when they were asked about Epstein )

  2. The junk science readily collapses under scrutiny. The only matter that is ‘irrefutable and settled’ is the academic incompetence and corruption which promotes the garbage.

    • Graham Climate - truther says:

      Your comment “that the junk science rapidly collapses under scrutiny” is so correct. Here in the UK the BBC and MSM refuse to enter into a process of scrutiny – indeed OFCOM (which oversees the broadcasting industry) has said journalists do not have to offer ‘balanced’ views when reporting on climate issues. So journalists become mere hacks underpinning the climate orthodoxy. It’s a disgrace.

  3. Addolff says:

    Won’t debate the facts but happy to debate the policy…..’Don’t bother with the facts just accept I am right and do what I say’. And this guy is a professor!!!

    And he sooooo nearly had a Freudian slip at the end…… “I think you overestimate the ability… to settle these issues in a debate the intelligence of the average person (or is it just me projecting)?

    • The loose purse strings on climate science budgets has permitted all manner of incompetents to gain accolades and accreditation by telling their lords and masters what they want to hear. I would have said he missed his vocation serving at McDonalds, but I suspect he lacks the necessary interpersonal skills.

  4. Cheshire Red says:

    Every subject under the sun is debated daily, bar just one.

    I wonder why that might be so?

  5. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    When gas hits $4.00 a gallon in the red states, they will have no choice but to debate the science.

  6. Russell Cook says:

    One of the biggest wipeouts offered by AGWers about the idea of having a debate is their claim of how unfair it would be, because they would not be able to fact-check a skeptic’s assertions in real time. Back in 2010, Barry Bickmore offered that very same lame excuse as the reason why he ducked out of a direct face-to-face debate with Lord Monckton. But the excuse is patently ridiculous, and worse, an indicator of just how weak the AGWers think their own arguments are. Think about it, if they had their ironclad points completely nailed down it would be the skeptics who flee in terror, hurling the excuse that they would not be able to fact-check the AGWers in real time.

    But has any one of us ever heard that lame excuse from anyone on our side?

  7. Garner Clay says:

    “If science ceases to be a rebellion against authority, then it does not deserve the talents of our brightest children.’’

    – Freeman Dyson “The Scientist as a Rebel”

  8. ruralbob says:

    And they accuse Rogan of misinformation.

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