Visualizing The Climate Crisis

Fifty years of failed climate predictions, and never any retractions, mea culpa or remorse from the purveyors of disinformation working for the press and government.

Visualizing The Climate Crisis

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  1. arn says:

    One can not expect any excuses as the MO of marxism is and has always been to terrorize and overwhelm people with an endless flood of fear and authority
    at a very high frequency.
    “Simplicity and repetition helps the pigs gain complete control”(animal farm)

    And according to Orwell the party is always right (as result of an endless process of falsifying data and rewriting history)
    and the party can not be always right once they start with excuses.

  2. Disillusioned says:

    Somewhat OT: In an earlier post, somebody asked who pressured the doctors and medical facilities (to lie about Covid variant danger – to make it worse than it is).

    Similar question: Who pressured news media, tweeter and facepalm into censoring out all information which doesn’t fit the narrative?

    The orchestration necessary to keep these scams going has to be monumental.

    • arn says:

      Who “pressured” the journalists,politicians,experts into selling all the fake wars,war after war after war?

      Who “pressured” the journalists,politicians etc in calling islam religion of peace and giving muslims a special protection status so that they can not be bothered with woke,trans and gay worship in the west while being bombed in their own countries.

      Who pressured the MSM into selling fake russian collusion for 4 years while ignoring at the same time the Hunter Biden sextapes?

      Who pressured Faucibook,YouTube etc to take down Alex Jones at the same time and to go after Joe Rogan for nothing.

      It’s those guys who organized the fake Gladio Terror attacks,the regime changes all around the world,
      sometimes they are part of the same families as the George Bushs and Hitler sponsor Prescot Bush,the Trudeaus,the Clintons,Hitler Sponsors like JD Rockfeller,Bohemian Grove leader David or Vice President Nelson.
      Those guys behind the Lima agreement that made china big.

      This is indeed hard to understand if someone does not know about the Bilderbergers,the trillateral commission,the CFR (and its CiA tool).

    • GWS says:

      The left needs no leader, though it is easily led; that’s why it’s called the heard.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Fauci is truly our Mengele. Read Bobby Kennedy’s book “The real Fauci”. Then you’ll realize how screwed up our medical, science, university establishment has become. Either Kennedy is a very convincing liar or this whole thing needs a Reformation.

  4. Kevin Petersen says:

    I am not a botanist, but the hypothesis that trees will start losing their leaves later in autumn and begin budding earlier in spring has never made sense to me. Foliage is directly correlated with photosynthesis and is therefore tied to solar energy rather than temperature. If it were warm all winter in the article circle plants would still turn dormant or die off due to lack of sunlight. For this reason, I do not believe that fall colors are less prevalent in Vermont, nor cherry trees are blooming earlier in DC due to a 0.1C change in global temperature. If there is any long-term trend in worldwide foliage, it is more likely caused by changes in solar radiance and earth orbit than slight changes in ground temperature. Am I wrong?

  5. Bunny says:

    Happy Valentines Day. I haven’t been on Twitter in awhile but realized I’m no longer following you, were you kicked off? Did you leave?

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