Europe To Be Powered By Unicorns In Five Years

Europe to be powered by some form of mystery energy in the next five years.

“EU leaders have announced their intention to collectively rearm and become autonomous in food, energy and military hardware in a Versailles declaration that described Russia’s war as “a tectonic shift in European history”.

EU leaders announce intention to collectively rearm in face of Putin threat | European Union | The Guardian

EU unveils plan to cut emissions 55% by 2030, wave fossil fuels goodbye –

EU signals end of internal combustion engine by 2035 –

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14 Responses to Europe To Be Powered By Unicorns In Five Years

  1. Megalomaniacs like von der Leyen do not consider themselves to be bound by the laws of physics,

  2. BobJ says:

    There goes our European vacations!

  3. Jessica Pohl says:

    Please don’t spread anti-woke misinformation. It’s the tooth fairy, not unicorns. Never forget: socialists believe in a global tooth fairy economy.

  4. Gamecock says:

    ‘In order to prepare for next winter, plans will also be made to coordinate European countries’ fragmented network of gas stocks.’

    Strong, autocratic central control of gas stocks. What could go wrong?

    Brussels will take from those who have and give it to those, according to their need.

    “EU unveils plan to cut emissions 55% by 2030, wave EU goodbye”

    Fixed it.

    ‘EU leaders have announced their intention to collectively rearm and become autonomous in food, energy and military hardware’

    This screams, “Time for the U.S. to get out of NATO.” I want no alliance with these fools.

  5. DPL says:

    “Sounds like a great idea! With the very BEST of intentions! What could POSSIBLY go wrong?”

  6. arn says:

    The EU was built for the purpose to destroy those countries it pretends to represent,
    and it is remarkable how fast the oh so slow bureaucratic EU can be if it can be exploited for the agenda((though i’m a bit surprised that they do not try to become independent from terror&war financing countries like Qatar,Saudi Arabia and USA.

  7. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Meanwhile Germany is scrambling to buy more coal after 8 straight days of total wind failure, and solar failure at night

  8. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Quite literally the dumbest and most racist comment of the day, presented by the staff of Ray Maddow

  9. toorightmate says:

    Didn’t AOC say that the world would be a dead duck by then?
    The Dills need a narrative co-ordinater.

  10. GreyGeek says:

    This just in:
    The EU states the unforeseen consequences of its banning the use of fossil fuels is the rapid rise in the use of horses, mules and oxen to produce food and haul it to market. There are reports of electric generators being powered by those animals as the walk in a circle, tied to the crank of the generators. They have also replaced cows as a source of food, the old, crippled or weak ones being eaten for protein while the healthy are put to plowing, harvesting and hauling produce to market.

  11. GWS says:

    Horses, buggies, and candles should become great investments again.

    • Douglas Hoyt says:

      I remember seeing a freight wagon still being used in the early 1950s. So it seems that going from wagons and buggies to all gas powered transportation takes about 50 years to happen.

      If electric vehicles ever become practical enough to replace gas powered vehicles, it will probably also take 50 years.

  12. James Henry says:

    The cynic in me cheers the greenies in the EU, UK, AUS, CA and US on. Go for it and go for it big time. Don’t wait a second longer. Cancel fossil fuels now!

    Then shit will hit the fan. People will realize what has been done to them and revolt in such a way that no greenie will dare poke their head up over the parapet for 100 years.

    And then, maybe we can get on with a normal life.

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