Running The UK Off Imaginary Energy

From March 23 to March 29, UK wind turbines were producing almost no electricity.

Wind power production

Wind power production as a percentage

Boris Johnson says UK homes will be 100% wind powered by 2030.

The UK relies on natural gas to keep the country operational.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine(CCGT) power production as a percentage

Russia will no longer deliver natural gas to the UK because of Boris’ policies.

UK won’t get Russian gas – Moscow — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

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21 Responses to Running The UK Off Imaginary Energy

  1. Timo, Not That One says:

    Sanctions are supposed to negatively affect the country that is the target of the sanctions. The super geniuses who currently rule the West, are too stupid to successfully make a sanction regime work without causing even worse damage to themselves.
    These are the same people who want to create a “n3w wor1d 0rder”, and centrally control every activity in the world.
    This is not going to end well.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      It’s funny how the stupidest people think that anything can be done. It’s usually the person who has never done anything that expect the contractor to install such and such without disturbing this or that. It’s best that they be given the opportunity to do something themselves before they give orders for someone else to do something. BTW, Winston Churchill was a member of the bricklayers union, and was a skilled bricklayer.

      • Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

        Conrad Ziefle:”It’s funny how the stupidest people think that anything can be done. It’s usually the person who has never done anything . . . ”

        Amen! Like the greenies and social equity folks in New York who passed and are working to eliminate fossil fuels and electrify the state by 2050 and who believe the only reason (physics and resources be damned) we still use fossil fuels is because the government hasn’t mandated their elimination.

        So, the AOCs of the world want to take us back to before the cave men (and women) who discovered coal and used it for heat. They also forget that the only reason England and the rest of the world has forests is thanks to coal. (See photos of denuded Haiti vs the adjacent Dominican Republic.) They also fail to notice that they are surrounded with things they use every day and which are derived from fossil fuel feedstocks, from their clothes to their iPhones and electronics, vehicles, medicine, etc., etc. Oh yes, then there’s the production and transportation of food. Eliminating fossil fuels as Biden has promised would truly put mankind back far beyond the 17oos, more likely close to the stone age.

        I occasionally see of cartoons of modern cave men and women standing around burning wood or dung fires, lamenting the loss of their cellphones, etc. The cartoonists are better at predicting our future than Mike Mann and the climate modelers.

        We, unfortunately, have ignorant (sometimes stupid) people leading equally ignorant people. I don’t think it’s going to turn out well.

    • arn says:

      A new world order may require selfdamaging the own economy.

      In the end there is not much difference between
      the damage done by Covid,the Green New Deal and the sanctions.

      Do you think it is an act of stupidity to get always the desired(and same) results as always by using proxies
      by making people believe that your deliberate sabotage is not sabotage but stupidity.
      (imagine you’d try to take out one countries oil reserves.
      There would be supermassive resistance.
      But it seems they found a way )

  2. mwhite says:

    The UK gets only about 5% of its gas from Russia.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    This is what happens when you have science ignorant prevaricators running your country, which is about every country. They get their information from hand-picked experts who lean one way or another and cannot help but focus on the information which fits their biases, rather than focus on the big picture.
    Here is the simple truth: Wind turbines and solar collectors have an output that is rated at a specific condition. For a solar collector, it is rated with the energy source perfectly normal to the collector surface. This is the highest rating possible for the collector because when the energy source is at any other angle, the energy flux is less than when it is normal to the surface. This means that if your collector is rated at 1kW, it very seldom actually generates 1 kW. Furthermore, you have to have 100% back up for wind and solar systems, because there are times when they generate little or nothing, and you need a full energy supply to meet industrial, commercial, and residential customers needs. If you can’t provide it, someone goes without: Industry shuts down, stores close, or people huddle in the dark- you pick.
    Therefore, solar and wind can only be justified on the basis of the value of the energy they provide compared to the cost of energy from gas or another source. Their capacity factor has little value because it is unreliable. Capacity factor is the power it can produce at any instant. Fossil fuel plants can come online to meet human needs in an instant, therefore they are essential for proper energy system management that can match society’s instantaneous demand and for society to run smoothly.
    Politicians turn in the wind much as wind turbines do, and are about equally reliable when important things must get done.

    • And, of course, there is no maintenance or decommissioning cost is there, or at least none that are included in the cost-benefit analysis. I think Boris assesses the benefit in terms of votes, not Megawatts. I think it will backfire. Whereas the vociferous idiots have gained the attention of the mainstream media, Joe (and Jane) Public will have far more sense, especially when they see their electricity bills escalate.

  4. JamesS says:

    UK imported more power from EU than produced by wind !!

  5. Paul Marks says:

    To be fair, Mr Johnson is now saying we must have lots more nuclear power. If there had been a rapid program of nuclear power station building some years ago, we would be in a much better position. But there was not – as endless regulations choked nuclear power development. So we are not in a good position – hence the massive energy bills the British people are now getting. As for the CO2 is destroying the world narrative – it has been pushed so hard, for so many years, that some of the public has become fanatical. It is very dangerous to question this narrative. In the Middle Ages the Roman Catholic Church at least de facto believed that “error has no rights” – so someone who opposed its doctrines had-no-rights. We have left science and entered the world of theology – and a form of theology that does not allow basic debate. This includes the supposedly scientific departments of most universities.

    • All we see on the mainstream media is the behaviour of a tiny, highly vociferous minority, and as they promote the agenda are given public voice. The vast majority are indifferent or recognise that the ‘science’ which is being promoted so incessantly is of the same standard as the ‘science’ that decrees that gender is a social construct. Those who present the correct theory of atmospheric temperature distribution are de-platformed. The MSM keep banging on about global warming precisely because it is a lie, and only with repetition can it gain credibility in peoples’ minds. How often is it necessary to remind people that the sky is blue? Methinks he doth protest too much.

  6. Ron says:

    Everything Biden touches turns to shit. Whatever the Gov. says or pushes as a good idea, the opposite is most likely a much better idea.

  7. Rain Coast says:

    Pricing energy is all part of the plan to bankrupt us.

  8. Peter Carroll says:

    I suppose if Boris can keep up that sort of claptrap he came out with, the UK could be powered by wind.His.
    Having so much power generation out at sea, where it is vulnerable to attack from anyone with an axe to grind, is not strategically sensible.
    Floating turbines? Meet mines, or torpedo’s. How do you protect all those fixed turbines, all of the time?
    Not very bright is our Boris.

  9. John Haller says:

    Hi Tony, I just figured it out the other day. Forgive me, I’m a little bit slow off the mark these days, but what I realized about the so called zero emissions targets for 2050, is that it’s a kind of code for what they really mean. It’s actually zero energy by 2050. It was so obvious!

  10. PostBrexit says:

    Boris with his NetZero nonsense is determined to see the UK act as the very first lemming over the cliff to show the rest of the world that the UK is the global leader in self destructing the UK economy on the altar of climate change……….
    Meanwhile, China, India, Russia,,,,,,,,, look on in amusement!

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