The Day The Climate Died

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  1. Tony, I recall a post where you bragged about your wife’s beauty, and got admonitions from the trolls for ‘being sexist’. Such people are pathetic, they have no experience of true love and consequently can have no understanding of the motive behind the comment. They can only express their embittered inadequacy by denigrating others. You are a lucky man.

    • Richard says:

      I concur
      my first love/wife was Mexican & American Indian after 32 years she died & was 12 years older than me, i 26 she 38 when we wed in 1989, i had a cougar / MILF 10 years before they were identified, I was a pioneer in land of older women- LOL. Some of the HATE, dirty looks ect. from older white women was funny as crap to us

      Now in love with Japanese & Chinese lady so to hell with the haters

    • bill caorib says:

      Your wife is very pretty, much more so than the picture you have pinned at top of the blog.

  2. Ddwieland says:

    Thanks, Tony. That was fun!

  3. rah says:

    I’m very happy for you two. Seems it’s finally warmed up a bit for you out there. We had frost warnings here at my central Indiana home two nights in a row but it’s gradually warming up.

    According to Joe Bastardi the US average temp year to date is the coldest since 2014. And it is going to continue into May it looks like. All of us from the plains to the east coast should expect a cooler than average May. But what the heck! I remember going to the Indy 500 in 1992 wearing a winter coat!

  4. Mike Blackam says:

    Nice video, thanks Tony.

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