Arctic Disaster

Climate alarmists say they love Arctic ice, but for some reason get very upset when shown the ice isn’t disappearing.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

There has been no trend in Arctic Sea ice extent over the past sixteen years.

May 18 extent is above the average since 1989, higher than 1989 and higher than 1995.

Sea ice extent loss during the first eighteen days of May has been the slowest since 1990.

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16 Responses to Arctic Disaster

  1. Vegieman says:

    This story ran on WPR recently. It isn’t the ice, it’s the easy access to all of the Meccas. I believe this is a significant factor for past and future lockdowns in the name of saving “Planet Earth”. It is unfortunate that there are so many thoughtless people (I believe mostly of a liberal persuasion) who run to these beautiful places and crap on them.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      ” (I believe mostly of a liberal persuasion) ”
      (I believe mostly of a Progressive persuasion)” fify
      AND…Progressive = Fascist, Communist, Socialist…take your pick.

  2. arn says:

    For the first time ever a member of the bush crime syndicate telling the truth

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Bush JR is the reason I left the R Party in 2004. I left the Dems in 1984 and the R’s in 2004. As an Independent, I vote FOR the most Conservative, knowledgeable and most accomplished person for the job…that is why I and many Dems/Reps/Indies in my Rural KY county voted FOR Trump 2016/2020!
      2016 = 74.6%.
      2020 = 79.4%
      Both FOR Trump!!!
      Oh Corn Pop did NOT get 81 million votes and Trump won BIGLY!
      Watch 2000 Mules for the FACTS!

      • arn says:

        Don’t need to watch 2000 mules (or 200 oligarchs)

        Yesterday it was confirmed that half of Bidens 22 mio Twitter followers are fake.
        You can expect that this scales with the real votes.

        It was impossible for Trump to lose with so many votes – that’s why he didn’t lose.

        It was impossible for senile Biden to win without any momentum,without campaigning .
        Hilary had momentum(first female candidate=many additional female votes ),a massive campaign – yet she lost to Sanders and Trump(just as Biden).
        Biden had nothing.
        Most people,including him,didn’t even knew that he was running
        and the only pseudo momentum Biden got ,when Bloomberg was ordered by his masters to run so that the MSM could create a spin that Biden was the good guy fighten a billionair.
        The democrats literally appeared to a horse race without a horse – and still won the race.

        On the other hand the globalists could not afford to lose another 4 years
        in terms of agenda 21,no borders,deindustrialisation,lockdowns,forced vaccines&passports,the proxy war vs Russia that was already planned in 2019,
        sponsoring terror…rebels in Myanmar,Thailand,Ethiopia,return to Somalia etc.
        So they rigged the vote.

  3. John S says:

    Why 1981 – 2010 as the standard? It gives the immediate impression, from the graph, that it’s the normal, natural, or even the ‘safe’ ice cover. Is it totally cherry-picking or is there some technical or mathematical reason?

    • Graham Millingtin says:

      In 1979/80 there was record ice in the Arctic at a time when scientists were predicting the onset of a new ice age. This is why alarmists always compare current ice with those dates for this shows a considerable decline. But if you compared today’s ice with 1969 the decrease is not so impressive. Alarmists say they use 1979 because this is when satellite were first used but that’s a lie. NOAA admitted using satellites in the early 1970’s.

  4. Rosco says:

    Send unprecedented numbers of ice breaking ships into the Arctic Ocean to allow for trade routes and tourism never previously available and then wonder why the ice pack tends to break up ??

  5. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    The climate scam is falling apart, as is the Covid scam

  6. Neil says:

    There is no Climate emergency. They are liars and it is just one big con job to keep the gullible in constant fear.

  7. AV says:

    The climate scam + the covid/ vax scam + fake US elections scam + the anti Russia war scam are all connected. All are fake and have been repeated endlessly to fool the masses.
    This has appeared to have worked up to a point however, there will be a great awakening coming soon. Them the whole dodgy house of cards will collapse.
    So hang in there folks, the truth will soon be revealed to all.

  8. Steen Højrup says:

    I live in Nuuk and this winter has been the snowist and coldest winter in many years. At this time all snow should have melted, but lumps of snow are still everywhere and next week we get more snow and wind burst close to storm (25 m/s) and temp around 0 deg. C. And yet, the newspaper Sermitsiaq writes this week, that the polar icecap is “sweating”. Why on Earth can’t they see the facts?

  9. Daniel Smeal says:

    Doomsayers are only ‘happy’ when they feel paranoia. It is like a drug with them. Possibly they are taking other drugs (including pharmaceuticals) that help reinforce this paranoia. When they are told everything is fine, they become very angry. It’s like they’ve been sent to a treatment center and they can’t take that.

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