“desperate measures”

Germany is reopening coal fired power plants as part of their plan to be coal-free by 2030.

“Germany is resorting to desperate measures to keep the lights on and its massive industrial parks running, turning to dirty fuels even if that means a surge in carbon emissions. The nation has almost six gigawatts of facilities that are currently part of a national reserve, many of which were supposed to be closed down as part of the coal phase-out plan.

“This request for additional coal-fired power generation only occurs when there is a gas shortage, or if there is a threat of a gas shortage and the gas consumption in power generation has to be reduced,” according to the proposed law.

The decision comes even as Habeck’s Greens—part of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s so-called traffic light coalition—want to bring forward to 2030. The coal-phase out was initially planned for eight years later.”

Germany to Bring Back Coal Power Plants If Russia Cuts Gas | Time

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4 Responses to “desperate measures”

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Reality hits hard don’t it Greenies?
    If you want to get rid of (not use) Fossil fuels, strip down…all of your clothes….walk naked and find a Cave. When you get to the Cave do NOT build a Fire. Wood fires use Carbon to make heat. Than sit there and think…’Am I really this ignorant about what Fossil Fuels have done for Mankind?’
    Or will you continue to sit there and freeze, starve and possible be eaten by a wild animal just to not use “FOSSIL FUELS: The Enemy of Mankind”!
    Me…I will use a weapon made possible by Fossil fuels and I kill that Animal to eat while wearing WARM clothes made possible due to “FOSSIL FUELS”…while sitting in my nice, warm Home heated with Wood and cook/eat my Venison with Onions, Taters and a good bottle of Wine!
    Yep I love FOSSIL FUELS!

    • Trevor says:

      I always laugh when told that fossil fuels are subsidized. From whence? A subsidy means you take from one place that has a surplus to give to the place that has a deficit. But since fossil fuels are required input for EVERYTHING, from where does that surplus come? The fact is that fossil fuels are the very thing that subsidizes everything else.

      • Richard says:

        AND they never tell you the USG has been sending checks to Wind and Solar farms for 28 years
        NOT One power farm in US can make a profit – that is why T BOONE PIckins was putting up wind mills in Texas and why Harry Reid wanted to kick cattlemen off land in Utah so he could lease to Chinese Wind mill company the land to ensure they were going to make PROFITS with USG Checks

  2. D. Boss says:

    Can’t remember where I read it, but sometime in the last 2 months in Munich it could cost you like 90 dollars to recharge your Tesla electric car! Which made me laugh at the fools drinking the watermelon flavored kool aid. (green on the outside and red on the inside reference)

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