Four In Ten Brits Facing Fuel Poverty

“Energy boss warns 4 in 10 households facing fuel poverty. ‘
A staggering 40 per cent of households will be living in fuel poverty if the government sits on its hands while bills soar, an energy firm chief is warning.
“Some people are at the edge. They simply cannot pay and that will get worse once prices go up again in October,”

A staggering 40 per cent of households will be living in fuel poverty if the government sits on its hands while bills soar, an energy firm chief is warning.

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16 Responses to Four In Ten Brits Facing Fuel Poverty

  1. Telling lies about climate change is not a victimless crime. The egos of incompetent academics, the insane ravings of the Malthusians, the stupidity and corruption of politicians, and the fear porn of mendacious media obviously take priority over the public good.

    • MGJ says:

      I would add the public needs to break its programming and process the lies they are fed, rather than repeating and amplifying them.

      • Richard says:

        Wont work – I had one LOW IQ investor or SeekingAlpha tell me he DOES not read or keep up with History he gets his info FRESH everyday on CNN or other news- he knows Global Warming / Cooling / Vortex / Change is real

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    We’re all about to be in poverty as Joe Biden has committed the US to a nuclear winter

  3. Richard says:

    HEY Boris hows that Wind and Solar doing- still getting 40% from Wind in UK

  4. arn says:

    I wonder what will happen when people who are exposed to built back better and the green new deal have to face a climate that isn’t warming?
    Especially during winter.

    Belgium is the first country to abuse to abuse the monkeypox and quarantine people.
    I’m pretty sure members of the IMF are already analysing webdata to find out how people are reacting and how to develop effective methods to force people into compliance.

  5. Tel says:

    Electricity prices going up in Australia as well.

    As they gradually drive out the coal generators using the price transfer subsidy known as “LRET” (Large Renewable Energy Target) we are going to have a little bit of discontent over energy costs. That’s on top of massive money printing (MMT) and clueless politicians.

    See who they can find to blame this on.

  6. Robert L Gipson says:

    Release the Fraken

    For the meat of this, scroll fwd to 1:10.
    For what it’s worth, I used to work at the SPR.

  7. Peter Carroll says:

    Richard hit the nail on the head, world wide. The mindless masses, the lemmings of this planet, will not think for themselves.
    They sit on their blots, fat, dumb and happy, absorbing any climate change claptrap served to them either on main stream or social media.
    Added to this is the social elite, looking for some sense of purpose in life. The too have embraced ‘saving the planet’ as their cause, because, even if they do stuff things up, they are rich and won’t be effected.
    We will reach a, “tipping point”, but it won’t be climate related. It will be economic, societal, and it won’t be very pretty.

  8. Martin says:

    People that I know have mocked Russians who have been brainwashed by their government and media to unquestioningly believe that Ukraine posed an existential threat to their country, but they are unable to comprehend that Western governments and media have pulled the same trick on their own peoples regarding “climate change”

  9. Adam says:

    Regarding price rises. If renewables- solar and wind were really that good, why add a surcharge on everybodies utility bills?
    Also,the huge rises in petrol & diesel means the Gov’t is getting huge returns on the fuel tax and V.A.T.
    This has been caused by years of fuel & energy mismanagement chasing the green dream
    Government has a lot of room to manoeuvre to help reduce prices.

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