Government Of The Insane

Policy is based around ideas and goals which are completely out of the realm of rational thought.

“The U.K. will cease all coal-fired electricity generation in October 2024, bringing forward the end date for the fuel by a year, in a bid to boost the country’s climate credentials ahead of an all-important climate summit in November.”
June 30, 2021

U.K. To End All Coal Power In 2024, Accelerating Emissions Goal

“Energy prices have spiked to a record high in Britain after calm weather shut down the country’s wind turbines amid a global shortage of natural gas.”
September 6, 2021

Britain forced to fire up coal plant amid record power prices and winter squeeze

“The government is considering delaying the closure of some of the UK’s last remaining coal-fired power stations due to the impact of the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine.”
March 14, 2022

UK government ‘could keep coal power stations running longer’ | The Independent

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10 Responses to Government Of The Insane

  1. Gamecock says:

    ‘in a bid to boost the country’s climate credentials’

    So they are just showing off. They are shutting down coal to show they can. But they can’t. But they might, anyway. What’s killing a few thousand people compared to ‘climate credentials?’

    A microcosm of climate action? They want to be FIRST to kill people in the name of climate action. They want to show the world it can be done.

    ‘ahead of an all-important climate summit in November’

    Yeah, this time will be different!

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Western Europe is finished.
    That’s it.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Didn’t America …
      1 Kick Britain’s ass TWICE .
      2 Save Europe from itself (WW1 and WW2).
      3 Allow Europe to take our Money to ‘keep’ them free (NATO)?
      4 AND it is time (again) to tell Europe and the World…Take care of your own problems. We have our own and will spend OUR money on America First!

      • Bob Gutjahr says:

        Actually, the first time, Lafayette saved the day by keeping British ships out of Chesapeake Bay. The second time, it was largely a draw that did not go well for the US except for a few shining moments. Britain burned Washington, D. C.

        Not much ass-kicking by the US.

  3. GWS says:

    In Chinese warfare tactics the ideal is not to expend energy trying to defeat your enemy, but to gently help him kill himself — Judo. And, it’s working well in the West where people seem no longer capable of understanding which gender they are, or how to repair for winter. And, how does funding and supporting woke liberalism not accomplish that?

    • Eddy Current says:

      Yep, the Chinese will be there at the end, handing out the little paper cups of Kool Aid to the willing drinkers.

  4. Daniel Smeal says:

    Well, I guess that’s okay. Let them serve as the guinea pig test as they did for their vaccination policy disaster. Maybe the rest of the world will learn some common sense. Although, I wouldn’t count on the U.S. until we get rid of Biden and the left.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Common sense???
      That has become the rarest item for many Humans.
      Many would walk into a fire if the Progressives told them it was Cold!
      Cognitive Dissonance and Mass Formation Psychosis (Dr. Robert Malone inventor of mRNA) has taken over many who are just simple followers.
      Plant a lot, raise a lot and Arm up a lot!
      Time is nigh when Men must protect themselves, Family and Country!

  5. James Henry says:

    Watch for the invasion of the UK by Trinidad or Jamaica. The country will be so weak and unable to fight that the citizens will welcome the invaders.

  6. Bill Tex Cowart says:

    Murcal was the worst thing that ever happened to Germany. No standing army and reliance on Russian oil. Millions of Muslims in Germany because of open borders. She is almost as bad as Biden.

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