Grading The NOAA Arctic Report Card

NOAA claims that sea ice is disappearing, the Greenland ice sheet is melting and this is causing sea level rise and extreme weather.

2021 Arctic Report Card reveals a (human) story of cascading disruptions, extreme events and global connections

Arctic sea ice extent is right at the 1981-2010 median.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Melt during May has been second slowest on record.

Extent is higher now than 1995.

1995                                                                      2022

There has been no trend in Arctic sea ice extent over the past 15 years, since Nobel Laureate Al Gore predicted an ice free Arctic by 2014.

The surface mass balance of Greenland has been above average over the past six years.

Surface Conditions: Polar Portal

After 170 years of retreat, Greenland’s largest glacier is expanding.

Jakobshavn Glacier Grows for Third Straight Year – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Post-Glacial_Sea_Level.png (1813×1088)

NASA claims that sea level is rising at “unprecedented rates” of 3.5 mm/year.

Sea Level | Vital Signs – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

They have inflated that number since eight years ago when they said 3.17 mm/year.

Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Sea Level

The NASA number is about double what NOAA has measured using tide gauges.

” the absolute global sea level rise is believed to be 1.7-1.8 millimeters/year”

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

NOAA shows that 89% of global tide gauges are below NASA’s claimed average.

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

Sea level rise rates have not changed over the past century and are lower than all of NOAA’s scenarios.

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

NASA has massively altered their sea level data over the past forty years.


High tide sea level at La Jolla, California has not changed perceptibly over the past 150 years.

1871    Present

As is always the case with government agencies and the press, their climate claims have no basis in history, facts or science.

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5 Responses to Grading The NOAA Arctic Report Card

  1. Guirme says:

    Excellent post.

  2. iggie says:

    DMI adjusted the graph in Dec last year when the ice extent passed the median. Will they do it again?

  3. spren says:

    Tony, this is such great work you do. These criminal frauds (and that is exactly what they are) keep promulgating their lies and the useless idiots swallow it like it was sweet kool aid. You show the newspaper articles and the actual photographic evidence that completely puts the lie to them. They really deserve to be criminally prosecuted for taking government grants and producing scam-worthy claims in their reports.

  4. AV says:

    Amazing data Tony. I look forward to the time when the facts will be presented by the mainstream. How will the masses respond then when they find out they’ve been lied to about climate, covid and “safe and effective” vaccines?

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