May 24, 1896 Tornado Outbreak

A tornado outbreak on May 24, 1896 killed dozens of people in Iowa, Illinois and Kansas.

25 May 1896, 1 – The Journal and Tribune at

“May 25, 1896

This week of almost continuous strong and violent tornado activity (perhaps the most violent single week of tornado activity in US history) continued with a 1 AM, F4 tornado in Ogle County, Illinois. A mother and three children died as a home was leveled south of Egan. A half hour later, three more died and six were injured in a home south of Davis Junction, Illinois. The late afternoon devastated parts of central and eastern Michigan. At 6 PM, in Tuscola County, Michigan, a home in which a funeral was taking place was destroyed. The thirty people in attendance ran safely to a ditch before the home was “lifted and dashed to the ground.” A man in a nearby home was killed by debris as he watched the events from his window. Two hours later, two people were killed as thirty homes were destroyed at Mount Clemons, Michigan. At 9 PM, the third F5 tornado of the year began leveling homes near Ortonville, Oakwood, and Thomas, Michigan. Nine people died in a single home at Ortonville. On the ground for thirty miles, the funnel killed at least forty-seven people.”

Tornadoes in the Past

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6 Responses to May 24, 1896 Tornado Outbreak

  1. Peter Carroll says:

    Forget tornadoes. This headline appeared in the, Sydney Morning Herald, today, May 24th. “Vast sandstorms blanket the Middle East in a, bleak sign of climate change”.
    Very strange, these sandstorms in the Middle East.

  2. LJones says:

    These “scientists” are DESTROYING the confidence we have historically had for “science” and the scientific community. They’ve become gullible charlatans grubbing for grant money instead of searching for the truth. Absolutely despicable miscreants.

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    This is what happens when Children do NOT learn Factual History. They are taught – Boys are Girls, girls are boys, 2,256,239 genders, up is down, War is Peace…time for all Children to read 1984, Animal Farm, American History from 1492 (America is named after Americus Vespucci), Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, We, The Giver (my Son read this), Lord of the Flies and any Ayn Rand book.
    Not complete but enuf for now.
    Oh…first Slave owner in America (1600’s) was a Black Angolan Freed Man who owned a Bonded Servant who was forced by a Court to be that Blacks Slave.
    AND 6% of Slave Owners were Black – Men & Women.
    History is your friend because those who ignore History will repeat History…and it’s worst times.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      You missed Ira Levin’s “This Perfect Day” where Big Brother was now the Big Computer, and names had been replaced by numbers …..

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