Graphing Tool Update

I added a trendline, trendline checkbox, and a number of different countries to the graphing tool.


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16 Responses to Graphing Tool Update

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Oh that’s perfect. We’ve already started on my granddaughter’s science project for next year. This will be a tremendous help. Thanks again!

  2. Robert Iasky says:

    Fantastic tool you put together. Is there a chance you could add Australia to the list of countries when you get a chance?

  3. Richard C says:

    I came across this interesting article on the worlds largest organism, growing out of control, mainly, it seems, due to poor forestry practices and the lack of regular forest fires.

    Maybe you know about it already…, If not, you’re welcome.

  4. Jack the Insider says:

    Tony, any consideration to be allow the selection of more than one weather station at a time?

    In more depressing news the Australian Federal election was conducted yesterday and the ruling conservative party has been ousted. The reason for the loss was clearly a bleeding of votes to Greens who then pass their preferences to the Left leaning Labor Party which has ended up with a comfortable majority. We are still losing the battle of Global Warming scam by the indoctrination of young people who are now able to vote.

  5. Brendan Godwin says:

    This is excellent.

    Can you set it up so that we can enter our own data?


  6. Shannon Mercer says:

    Check the data entered on the new tool for Winnsboro, SC. (11/28/1950)
    You have an entry showing -45° which is certainly an error…

  7. Bert Sigmond says:

    From whom is this graph? Who is telling the truth or covering the reality? I am quite curious from where these items are coming? Anyhow I do not believe of what is written or published ect. in connection with the climate. For instance there I son climate crisis. The climate is changing, but is changing all the time. So, what left is adaptation! All the best with assembling figures and facts about the real story of climate.

  8. Chuck B says:

    Ooooo! Nice! Thank you for being the Hermit of Truth, please keep it up.

  9. whsmith says:

    Finkel and Katz found in 2017 from 150 years of USA data that our climate has moderated, not warmed.That is, the high temperatures had not increased, but the low temperatures had risen.Now, how can we justify wasting 5 $trillion to cure that?

  10. Tim Spence says:

    Absolutely magnificent application. Thank you.

  11. Shawn Marshall says:

    I just sent graph for Rocky Mount Va to my grandson who lives just outside Roanoke.
    He’s just 10 but he will see the very negative trend line.
    You do the best work of anyone debunking the scare… most grateful to you Mr Heller. Conclusion: engineers are not trained liars as are ‘science’ guys…, except for that infamous clown with a mech engr undergrad diploma….exception yo prove the rule.

  12. Mike Blackam says:

    Hi Tony,
    The linear trendline function is very useful, adding value to this excellent tool.
    However because the trendline is not data, but rather, analysis of the data, it would be good if at some stage you could identify or reference the method used to calculate the trendline.
    Perhaps in the help section?

  13. Shannon Mercer says:

    Please check the graph data for Winnsboro, SC.
    I think there is a data entry error as it shows a low temp of -45° on 11/28/1950..,

  14. Shannon Mercer says:

    Sorry for reposting my concerns about Winnsboro, SC.
    I didn’t realize you had responded to the previous post…

    Thank you for the tool. I use it to illustrate my similar discussions on social media.
    Are the weather stations complete for SC (or each state)?
    I currently receive daily weather reports from stations that are not included in your tool; Lexington & Gilbert, SC…

    I’d like to follow up on this thread and thought that I’d get email notices, but if I am, I don’t recognize them.

    Thanks again & Keep up the fight~
    Shannon / Mercer House Winery

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