Incompetence Caused By Climate Change

The Texas grid is failing again and the “Energy Reliability Council Of Texas” (ERCOT) is telling people to cut back usage.

Doug Lewin describes himself as an expert on grids, energy efficiency and renewable energy. He implies the problem is more hot weather due to global warming.

ERCOT calls for power conservation after 6 facilities go offline |

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So far this year, 4% of days in Texas have been over 95F (25C.) In 2011 more than thirty percent of days were over 95F and the average before 1960 was about twenty-percent.

During 2011, the grid problems occurred during winter and only in ERCOT areas. Other parts of the state did not have problems.

09 Feb 2011, A1 – The Marshall News Messenger at

“SWEPCO has never initiated rolling blackouts, McCloud said. Because ERCOT is a grid by itself within state boundaries, there is no way to get power into the state. So when the grid unexpectedly lost 2,000 megawatts generation due to power plant problems coupled with high temperatures, officials issued a Level 1 alert.”

29 Jun 2011, A8 – The Marshall News Messenger at

Ten years later on February 12, 2021 USA Today bragged that up to two-thirds of Texas electricity was generated by wind.

Wind energy: Texas, Wyoming and Joe Biden’s climate plan

Two days later the wind turbines froze up as did many people in Texas when the ERCOT grid collapsed.


USA changed their story and said the failure of Texas wind was a “warning to Biden and all of us.”

Renewable energy really is part of the cause of Texas’ blackouts


Since 2011, Texas has added massive wind capacity.  So why is the ERCOT grid inadequate?  The wind turbines were supposed to cooling the climate and making the grid reliable.

Texas Got 18 Percent of Its Energy from Wind and Solar Last Year – Scientific American Blog Network

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5 Responses to Incompetence Caused By Climate Change

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    The Biden administration is going to fast track us to energy disaster. The whole thing is about to collapse I’m afraid…
    Important thread

  2. rah says:

    Joe Bastardi is really concerned about the grid in Texas this coming week. Much higher than average temps with no wind in the forecast for central Texas.

    This weeks Saturday Summary is a keeper for not only the weather discussion but also climate.

    For those that may not be familiar scroll down a bit and you will find the free Saturday Summary video.

  3. arn says:

    The typical result when commie phantasy can no longer be compensated
    and reality kicks in.

    How much money would owners of EV’ s safe according to Biden?
    And what would Truck Drivers do,when there ‘ s no energy for a week and the charging Bill is 10.000 dollar.
    And will will they do with the rotten food?
    And where will they get another 10000 dollar to reach next dump for a proper disposal.
    And what happens with food prices when a huge part never reach the shops and charging becomes superexpensive?
    At least obese people will become a thing of the past.

  4. Kzv says:

    Once again they try to blame it on consumers.

    ‘One way to help is to set thermostats to 78 degrees or above’

    Another way to help is to maintain (not destroy) an infrastructure of reliable power plants that can cope with the extra demand of a few warmer than average May days in Texas

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