Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker

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  1. arn says:

    We see why Soros is so busy to end the Russian war and move to climate change.
    A totalitarian device that tells you when and where to travel,what to eat and how to use the little bit of energy you were given as part of a pathethic universal income you will be given AFTER the economy has been destroyed on purpose(Cloward Piven Strategy ) .
    At first it will be a voluntarily funky app and promoted by Bill.Bono,Barack and some Hollywood jerks,the part of the educational system and the a global law will be forced upon the nations that will allow the WHO to impose drastic restrictions on any nation after an Epidemic outb….
    I mean …the UN to do so whenever they claim a climate emergency.

    This footprint tracker comes along with a mandatory vaccine passport.
    And now the CDC no longer needs to track people illegally and use Covid as excuse.

    The most interesting thing will be the scale of the false flag to convince people on a global scale to accept it.
    Will it be a virus/funghus that will destroy most of the harvest
    or will it be triggered by some artificial megadrought in California.
    Newsome has already put some clairvoyant laws in place.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      György Schwartz aka George Soros is a WW2 NAZI Collaborator.
      The 60 Minutes video says it all…it is Soros telling Steve Kroft about his time HELPING NAZI Soldiers find Jews and send them to Camps…

      • arn says:

        This is pretty well known,
        but the most interesting thing is that he called his Nazi time
        ” the best days of his life ”
        (maybe he should rewrite Bryan Adams song ” Summer of 39 ” to tell us a bit more)

        Besides the (strange but expected and typical ) missing outrage of the MSM and his superwoke employees who usually never waste a chance to call everyone Nazi
        one really wonder why other billionaires property is being confiscated for no legal reason in England while Soros crushed the british currency by 10% – and nothing happened to him.

      • Heretic Jones says:

        More retards throwing around the word ‘nazi’ without a clue as to its history.

        Our folk are in a dire situation specifically because the jews, through use of their assassin (USA) defeated the only group who stood and fought for our ancestors and our children’s future, and you parrot a word you know nothing about. Get off of your chair, stop watching television ‘news’ or sportsball, and for goodness sake read a book.

        For example, did you know that in the two works considered to be seminal compositions on WW2, Churchill’s 4500 page book titled The Second World War, and Eisenhower’s 560 page Crusade in Europe, there exists not a single mention of anything related to the jew ‘holocaust’ story. Not a single mention of the most pivotal ‘event’ of the 20th century! Why is this?

        ‘Nazi’. Lol.

        How anyone can see through the climate fraud yet still use the word ‘nazi’ is pathetic. Get off your asses, get in shape physically, mentally, then spiritually, and prepare to fight for the future of your folk! Your people are you most precious possession – a nation is nothing without the people who brought it into being!

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          Yes, you need to get mentally in shape. It will be a hard slog but please report back on your progress.

  2. arn says:

    Our masters have become so powerful
    that they now control time –
    and not just that.
    So powerful that future would not happen without them.
    Listen to the first 10 words of Klaus Schwab
    ( and ask yourself how your life in a classless neomarxist system would look like if you neither belong to the guys with a white badge and blue ribbon,
    nor are married to them and get just the white badge
    nor belong to their top lackies = green badge//
    I guess they will get those badges Umar Al Asiz introduced 1300 years ago.

  3. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Things that are happening were predicted thousands of years ago. Those predictions are in writing

  4. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    You will own nothing and be happy.
    So much for property rights…

    • arn says:

      This has already become reality when Britain starting seizing Abramovichs Superyachts,Jets etc and convinced him to sell his football club.
      A move which would have been considered an antisemitic Nazi thing and the return of the 5th reich in pre Ukraine war era,especially if done so by a conservative party(and the MSM would have exploded in outrage),
      but completely fine when the NWO guys do this.

      Then Biden came and promised to do the same.

      And as expected: Once the Anglo Saxon hemisphere does something be it wars,sanctions,climate,vaccines,GND etc or have a certain science or opinion the EU will blindly follow like good lackeys.
      And that’s why the EU was created in the first place.

      And if they can take it so easily from billionaires,how easily will they take it from average Joe – they simply declare him a nano- Oligarch.

      Maybe the Oligarch should selfidentify as piss poor Americans.

  5. rah says:

    Well so far this week I have put 2,200 miles on a 2020 Volvo tractor driving team in Randy’s truck. So that is half of what we combined drove. Tomorrow I will put another 430 miles on a 2015 Freight Liner I usually drive. Both of those trucks have over 550,000 miles on them. And I will bet our combined carbon footprint still does not reach the rate that A-hole creates carbon with his private jet, limos, yachts, mansions, etc.

  6. GWS says:

    Absolutely amazing! The woke left is proud of their insanity! Believing the entire world is cheering them on! When the enemy is so deluded the fight becomes existential.

    • arn says:

      This is not the woke left.
      Never confuse the rabid dog with its master.

      The woke left can barely change a light bulb and can’t plan 5 minutes ahead and their IQ is below room temperature Celsius.

      These guys are technocrats,plan decades ahead and high IQ psychopaths.
      Not a single one of them is woke.
      Not a single one of them lives in a diverse community
      and the only thing whiter than their gated communities
      are the top dogs at the WEF event.
      There are so many of them that they have to invite some token showcase minorities,affirmative action CEO’s or foreign oligarchs (who usually are a creation of these top dogs.)in case someone makes photos.
      Most of them are married(while they try to destroy the traditional family )
      Not a single one of them wears pink hair and is a hysterical moron.
      And their weakly carbon footprint is bigger than the lifetime footprint of a dedicated woke.
      + every single one of them ignored the lockdowns and knows that AGW is BS and that the vaccines are poisoned.

      These people are not woke .They created the woke as this population is the only group that will accept the coming tyranny without ever complaining.

  7. AV says:

    Yes maybe true. But, these people are dark souls. They have no belief in the truth of God and are driven only by their base needs to control the material world.
    True power is of God. It is the absolute reality of our being and can never be extinguished.
    These dark souls think they are superior to God. They hang on to this belief for dear life but all it does is lower their vibration down to cold heartless corpses. Their plans and ideas are based on their dark, low vibration , loveless, materialistic minds.
    They have NO power over God. They have NO power over truth. They have NO power over you and I.
    They will collapse soon into the empty nothingness from where they came and the great awakening will fill us all with Gods power, love and truth.

  8. Lynne Balzer says:

    This scary scenario is what we had feared would happen all along. And now it is coming to pass!

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