Lock Everybody Up

“the leading theory was sexual transmission among gay and bisexual men”

Monkeypox likely spread by sex at two raves in Europe, expert says

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15 Responses to Lock Everybody Up

  1. GWS says:

    But, they’ll probably require masks, anyway.

  2. LJones says:

    Gee….if those gay guys had just worn masks….

  3. A suspiciously convenient ‘random event’.

    • arn says:

      So random that our elitist friends run exactly one year ago a simulation of an outbreak and the simulated virus was moneyvax …..I mean monkeypox.

      Then a few month later a truck with lab animals had an accident in Philadelphia.
      Officially those animals were classified as cats,but it turned out that those animals were monkeys and some of them escaped and iirc there was a public warning to avoid contact with those monkeys because of some kind of disease.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    Here we go again. The Cabal will stop at nothing. SMH

  5. Heretic Jones says:

    Moneypox identified in White nations only, lol! The jews ruling over you will psych you into jabbing your 5 year old three times before shutting down faggot bath houses.

    • spren says:

      Why don’t you just go away with your ridiculous and incessant Jew bigotry. You are a warped record and every post is just another iteration of the previous one.

  6. spren says:

    What a scam piece of panic porn these idiots are purveying. A terrible disease if you get it, but unless you are some male performing disgusting things with another male, you are likely not at risk.

    Also, anyone who was vaccinated against smallpox (which I recently heard was discontinued in 1972) is completely immune to this disgusting disease. Their going to have to sharpen their pencils and come up with another fraudulent thing to be worried about.

  7. So sad that climate change is now causing the rapid spread of monkey pox :)

    • When the temperature rises, monkey pox spreads faster, and when the temperature lowers, monkey pox spreads faster, too. The only way we can be saved if the temperature stays constant all day, all year around. You may think this is not possible, but that’s where you’re wrong: If you give up ALL your civil rights and pay all your money to the Government and to exactly what the media tell you to do, then we shall be able – together – to stop the temperature from changing again, and thus also stopping the spread of monkey pox. Alas, though, studies show that most varieties of Covid-19 spread much faster, when the temperatures are perfectly stable.

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