Saving The Poor By Starving And Freezing Them

Globalist billionaires at the World Economic Forum say they are rescuing poor people from future climate change by implementing policies which make it impossible for poor people to afford to live now.

Deloitte projects climate change will cost $178T by 2070 | Accounting Today

A staggering 40 per cent of households will be living in fuel poverty if the government sits on its hands while bills soar, an energy firm chief is warning.

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6 Responses to Saving The Poor By Starving And Freezing Them

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Not sorry.
    Any Human that allows another Human to destroy the First Humans Life deserves to be a Slave/Peon.
    This is why I and MILLIONS of Americans (Veterans and Patriots) are all ready to show the Davos Group and others that Freedom ain’t Free and fighting for that Freedom is the finest action any Human will ever take in their short Lives!
    And ‘who’ will pay 99% of that money for ‘Global Warming’…America.
    That means that America, the most successful. free and wealthy country in World History, will become a 3rd World hellhole controlled by morons like Biden, Trudeau, Castro, György Schwartz (George Soros), Bill Gates, Pelosi, Maxine Watters, AOC (Court Clown), Ayanna Pressley, Rashid Tlaib (Palestinian terrorist), Ilhan Said (Omar is a ‘borrowed’ Family name), Hank ‘Flipover Guam’ Johnson and to many to name.
    I Love Freedom and WILL put My Life on the line for my Family’ and Americas Inherent Rights and Freedom.
    What about you….

  2. Timo, not that one says:

    So what they are saying is, “We will make everybody’s life brutal and short, and then blame it on fake glow-ball warming”.
    Just waiting for Putney to bomb the WEF and the WHO. Decapitate the beast.

    • arn says:

      Some years ago crazy nerd from the Phillipines has beaten a Sim City game though these games have no end = Can not be finished.
      After 4 years of playing he managed to create the perfect state.

      The state was a totalitarian police state,only mass transportation was allowed and the average life expectancy was below 50 years iirc.
      While it is just a game it follows logical patterns in terms of managing humans,resources,logistics.
      So this is the road we are heading to and it smells like North Korea .

  3. spren says:

    These blithering idiots are already doing a good job of impoverishing everyone with their climate insanity driving energy costs through the roof. Humans will be lucky if there is a year 2070 fifty years from now.

  4. MGJ says:

    A highly toxic meeting of two revolting ideologies. The billionaire psychopaths who crave god-like power over the lives of the little people; and the standard leftist morality that says we can achieve virtue but only after creating a pile of corpses from here to the moon.

    • Richard says:

      Like Stalin and Walter Duranty – Walter Duranty. As the New York Times’ chief correspondent in Moscow, Duranty established his reputation as the world’s leading newsman while covering the rise of Josef Stalin

      Walter didnt care about Millions starving and dying- he only cared Socialism was working – which was a bigger lie

      in the US and EU people only listen when they are starving and dying and by then its too late

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