Shutting Down Farming To Save People From Hunger

Climate experts want to shut down farming in order to save the world from hunger.

Guardian columnist George Monbiot says farming should be ABOLISHED to stop climate change | Daily Mail Online

How Climate Change Fuels Global Hunger

The percentage of the world which is hungry has declined to record lows, as increased atmospheric CO2 levels have greened the planet.

Prevalence of undernourishment in developing countries, 1970 to 2015

Share of people who are undernourished

Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds | NASA

The climate related famines of 1878 and 1896 killed as many as 60 million people.

Late Victorian Holocausts: El Niño Famines and the Making of the Third World , Davis, Mike –

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18 Responses to Shutting Down Farming To Save People From Hunger

  1. Vegieman says:

    Actually, they aren’t shutting down farming, they’re expanding it! The human livestock will own nothing and be happy while eating a ration just like I currently buy for my chickens and pigs. In some ways I think these well designed mixes, blended for the right amount of protein. carbs, nutrients and minerals, are are a better diet than what’s available on the shelves at Walmart. See you at the trough.

  2. Rockwood says:

    Soylent Green (it is 2022!) and let George be the first to enjoy!

    • rain coast says:

      we all know they will still be eating the good stuff, the goop is only for the slaves.

    • Disillusioned says:

      I was a kid when Soylent Green was in the theaters. My parents let me ride with a couple older teenagers (neighbors) up to the theater to watch the film. Looking back, it was really sort of a heavy film for a kid. But I liked being able to go out with the older kids – kinda sorta like the younger Beaver getting to go out with Wally and his friends.

  3. oeman 50 says:

    That strategy was recently used when the government shut down the Abbot Labs baby formula facility. Now we have plenty of baby formula!

  4. arn says:

    Biden and Turdeau talking about food shortages,
    Ukrainian wheat won’t be this year,
    UK and US paying farmers to not grow food,
    a huge chunk of crop is turned into ethanol for propag…climate reasons (in this case Monbidiot isn’t complaining about farming)
    As result of artificial increase of oil prices and hyperinflation farmers will produce less food this year

    I wonder what could go wrong if we follow this idiot especially when hungry people of 2022 will also suffer from a massive and ,once again artificial,energy crisis this winter.
    As artificial as global warming scam, as artificial as the virus,as artificial as the war.

  5. David A Nichols says:

    Experts in the 70s said there was going to be widespread famine in the next 20 years. That didn’t happen. Humans, when left to think freely and innovate, can and will solve many problems. Also, consider this: The whole population of the Earth had be placed in an area the size of Texas. Small organic farms could feed the whole of the human populations if allowed to. Finally, humans cannot destroy the Earth. We might be able to pollute it so bad that it destroys civilization as we know it now. But come back in 10 million years or so and it will be a verdant, life-supporting garden. Humans are so full of themselves.

  6. Michael Peinsipp says:

    And the American govt has paid Farmers to keep land fallow to ‘increase’ prices paid for farm crops.
    Well folks, in 1970, 5% of the American workforce fed 60% of the Humans on Planet Earth.
    Imagine what would happen if we used ALL useable farm land to produce crops???
    Oh my bad… Gates, Soros, etc. don’t want that…that would keep people from ‘needing’ govt to save them from starvation!
    Hint: plant twice what you have already planted for your Family…AND Arm up NOW!
    There will be severe food shortages here in the ‘Land of Plenty’ called America because of Morons like BIDEN!!!

  7. Weylan Ray McAnally says:

    Lab grown protein cakes. Sounds a lot like Soylent Green, Yellow and Red.

  8. spren says:

    Abolish George Monbiot!

  9. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Glen Beck explains Environmental Social Governance
    We’re about to run out of fuel folks. It’s intentional

  10. Robert L Gipson says:

    Well, I used to admire Monbiot in the early 2000s, specifically for his stance against the Iraq War and against Tony Blair. WTF happened to the guy?

  11. Rod Evans says:

    Monbiot is clearly seeking publicity and ways to enhance sales of his latest Book ‘Regenisis’ He is clearly as mad as a box of frogs so will be a hero to the other green loons in the box.

  12. Greg Raven says:

    Yeah, that carbon dioxide is horrible for plants.

  13. Gamecock says:

    Given a chance to do ambush journalism, I’d shove a mic in Monbat’s face and ask him, “What’s your favorite lab grown food? How long have you been feeding your family lab grown food?”

    As rain coast says, it’s for you, not him.

  14. Adam says:

    Seems here in the UK, our farming is being shut down
    First by the EU and their Common agri’ Policy where they paid farmers to grow nothing, to now where in his demented drive for ‘Net Zero’ boris johnson is now paying farmers to re-wild their farms and…
    Grow nothing!!!
    Except Rape for oil, fields & fields of yellow.
    Our historical wheat growth was 15Mill Tonnes. Now it is something like 9Mill Tonnes. In the face of the reported shortages why are we not growing more wheat?
    Oh Yeah, re-Wilding/Net Zero/Carbon targets/BlahBlahBlah
    But even in Ireland they are planning to get rid of 1.2million sheep & cattle to reach their carbon goals
    And it is not just farming being destroyed here in Britain, but manufacturing and any industry where we can import rather than make grow build for ourselves.

    Even though the net zero is a farce (400ppm is natuaral CO2 with man-made being 15ppm) we are not cutting carbon emmissions in any way, simply offsetting them to another country along with the extra shipping & transportation cost for importing

  15. JeffK says:

    Soy protein isolates — a common artificial protein in keto energy bars and other protein-fortified frankenfoods — the ingredient is made using petroleum distillates! This is a deal breaker to many climate cult/ food trendy followers.

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