Climate Alarm From 1882


No Greater Tendency to Destructive Storms at Present Than in Former Periods.

The rapid succession and destructive results of the severe storms that have visited the United States this year have provoked popular comment and created serious alarm. It is claimed by many, who could not have studied the subject attentively, that in the present generation there is an increased tendency to these violent atmospheric disturbances. To dissipate this idea is the purpose of this paper.”

June 18, 1882

Surat, in the East Indies, had several thousand of its inhabitants killed in a terrible cyclone on the 22d of April, 1782.

Dienpole, in Monravia, was totally destroyed in a cyclone on the 30th of May of the same year.

On the 17th of June, the same season, immense damage was done all over America, particularly on the New England coast.”

18 Jun 1882, Page 2 – The Topeka Daily Capital at

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