Custer – The Valley Of Death

” Custar attacked an Indian village. From 2,500 to 4,000 warriors were on one side, and Col. Reno was to attack it on the other. ‘Three companies were placed on a hill as reserve. Custar and fifteen officers and every man belonging to five companies were killed ….. The whole number killed was 315″

June 25-26, 1876

13 Jul 1876, 3 – Western Home Journal at

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9 Responses to Custer – The Valley Of Death

  1. Mike says:

    Biden = Custer….

  2. rah says:

    As all here know, everyone in this administration is a lying sack of excrement. That includes the Sec. State.

    He started his response with a blatant lie that any experienced soldier or student of military strategy and tactics can see. It was obvious from day one that Putin did not intend to take the whole country of Ukraine. If he had, the first attacks would have been aimed at taking out the strategic centers of gravity.

    First off the targets on day one would have been command/government just as the US tried to do by going after Saddam with their very first air raid on Iraq. All command and communications hubs would be attacked. Attacks on air defense assets from airfields to anti-aircraft would be carried out as needed to clear the way for attacks on the primary targets stated above. Decapitate the command is the goal. That is what “Shock & Awe” is.

    IOW the fighting in Ukraine did not start with “Shock & Awe” as it would have had the objective been to take over the whole country. If it had Kiev and immediate surrounding areas would have had a lot of smoking holes on day one.

  3. Ron says:

    It’s really tough when you don’t have the same beliefs about climate. All this destroying the economy stuff believing this will keep the planet from warming is laughable.

  4. docN says:

    To us it’s destroying the economy. To them it’s one step closer to the great reset. They have never really been concerned about collateral damage.

  5. Robert L Gipson says:

    A historical fact: Custer badly wanted to be POTUS.

    • Mango Thonotasassa says:

      Yep, and that Royal A-hole got exactly what he deserved.

      Fast forward to today, and understand that our government is trying to do the same thing to us that Custer tried to do to the Sioux at Little Big Horn, They’re just using slightly different tactics: If you get Covid (or try to keep from getting it), politicians and government officials block access to safe, cheap & effective lifesaving drugs. It’s OK for you and your family members to die, but big pharma and their investors (politicians and government officials) can’t lose a couple bucks. In three states governors sent infectious patients into state run nursing homes to eliminate the elderly poor who were costing the state money. And these same people (politicians and government officials) required everyone to take un-vetted, experimental “vaccines” and “boosters” or risk losing their careers and way of life.

      We are literally being attacked in our homes, churches, and schools. But if/when we exercise our right to free speech, we’re instantly branded as fascists, white supremacists, domestic terrorists, and/or insurrectionists.

      Sitting Bull, forgive us!
      We should all take lessons from you.

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