“The signs are everywhere”

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3 Responses to “The signs are everywhere”

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I just don’t understand why we want to educate everyone, if they still fall for the climate scams that the ancient Aztecs fell for. If you are going to defer to the High Priests on all of the important issues, then you don’t need an education; just blindly follow the priest up the pyramid steps.

    • arn says:

      If you are an atheist intellectual you need education to disguise your religious zealotry as rational knowledge and your high priests as expert/scientists.
      The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was to make people believe that his is no religion.

      The whole illusion that Neo-Marxism is not a religion would collapse as soon as the educational curtain,which gives experts godlke powers and devine legitimacy, is being removed.

    • David Walker says:

      They are “educating” them precisely so the will fall for these climate scams – and many, many other scams too, such as the efficacy of “models” for predicting the catastrophic capabilities of “epidemics” that we are now discovering are little more lethal than the common cold, and for which the “cures” are in fact more dangerous than the disease.

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