1925 – “remarkable shrinkage of the glaciers”

“Evening Star (Washington, District of Columbia) – 18 Feb 1925, Wed

Spitzbergen Once Closed to Ships From October to May, Now Approachable Through Winter.

By Cable to The Star and Chicago Daily News.

LONDON, February 18.—The latest investigations confirm the theory that the Arctic climate has changed considerably in recent years. The temperature of the gulf stream, which in 1925 was higher more than in the previous year, shows an average increase of from four to five degrees centigrade since 1900, when it was first measured by the explorer Nansen,

The chief proof of the change in climate is the remarkable shrinkage of the glaciers, which have retreated from three to four miles, showing that the mild air has caused corrosion for a considerable time.

Owing to the altered conditions, Spitzbergen, which in former years was isolated by the heavy ice of the ocean from October to May, may be- come approachable in Winter, and for the first time on record a ship has been dispatched there in February.

The milder climate will have the greatest consequences economically as the export of coal, normally begun in the middle of July, can now start two or three months earlier.

Capt. Amundsen, the Danish explorer, is especially favored by the change, as it makes it possible for him to enter his starting place for his polar flight on Kings Bay in April and perhaps sooner.
(Copyright, 1925, by Chicago Daily News Co.)”

18 Feb 1925, 1 – Evening Star at Newspapers.com

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