BBC Conspiracy Theory

The BBC relentlessly promotes the multi-trillion dollar climate scam, and has brought forth a new conspiracy theory that thirty years ago some people spent half a million dollars to undermine it.

The audacious PR plot that seeded doubt about climate change – BBC News

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10 Responses to BBC Conspiracy Theory

  1. Gamecock says:

    BBC hates free speech. People disagreeing with them should not be allowed, in fact, it’s conspiracy!

    BBC engages in extensive ad hom against Harrison. Note that they waited til after he died to unleash their tasteless defamation, the dead being unable to sue for libel.

    • arn says:

      It’s not the BBC but the owners of BBC – the government.

      Yesterday they sanctioned their own journalist Graham Philips(No 864 on the blacklist) for telling the truth about Ukraine(the country version of AGW with a real proxy war instead of a bureaucratic economic one).

  2. arn says:

    During that time the awareness about AGW was about 1% of what it is today
    and not even the biggest conspiracy theorist were able to guess the massive scale and weaponisation of this agenda .
    Noone in the world would have paid a cent to counter AGW for the same reason noone ever paid a cent to counter the global cooling scam in the 70ies,as it was way before the hype really started.

    Considering that BBC still does not know about the ice age scare
    or Hunter Bidens Laptop or Joes dementia, and is refusing to tell the truth about Ukraine or the Russian collusion
    one can only guess from which dark place this 30 year old information was pulled out?

  3. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    “The great reset is crazy conspiracy talk”
    Here’s the great reset in action.
    It’s called redistribution of wealth, except the ones hurt most weren’t even close to wealthy to begin with

  4. Disillusioned says:

    Agenda 2030 is relentless and on-track. The Cabal will let nothing get in the way of the Agenda.

    This article is evidence the BBC, a leading globalist propaganda machine needs to crank out more propaganda as they see their climate change narrative crumbling. Mama Gaia just won’t cooperate and the temperature adjustments fraud is long in the tooth. IMHO

  5. When will they realize they are merely destroying what is left of their reputation?

  6. toorightmate says:

    What a dastardly plan.
    They all should be shot at dawn.
    I fell for it even before they announced the plan!!
    But I am just a dumb ass who believes a bit more CO2 is phenomenal for the planet and those who exist upon it.
    I am also so gullible that I believe cloud cover has more influence on Earth’s surface temperature than any dreamed-up greenhouse gas might have.
    I am waiting for one of these CO2/Greenhouse gurus to explain to me why it is so bloody hot in summer and so bloody cold in winter. While they are explaining that to me, they could also explain why it is cooler at night than it is during the day. These scientific phenomena have me absolutely baffled.
    Where is the Mighty Griff when you really need him (or it).

  7. Caleb Shaw says:

    Keep the faith. These fools think they control others, but what they do is to create ignorance. Ignorance has a long history of losing control of things. Which makes sense, when you think of it: How can you increase control be becoming more and more stupid?

    As the stupidity becomes more and more apparent, more and more people roll their eyes. It is said only 12% of Americans now trust the mainstream media. That means 88% are rolling their eyes. The “elite” are getting desperate but can only increase their level of stupidity. Ignorance will not be bliss for them.

    The sea-ice is failing to melt again this summer. So people are rolling their eyes about that “emergency” as well. Here’s my take on how that scam is falling apart. (It mentions Bill Gray, and how Al Gore blocked his research, which proves “progressives” actually block progress and further ignorance.)

    Keep the faith.

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