CNN : Out Of Context And Irrelevant

Greenland ice that melted last weekend could cover West Virginia in a foot of water – CNN

The surface mass balance of Greenland has been above average almost every day this summer, and for four of the past six years.

There were a few days of above average melt.

Surface Conditions: Polar Portal

Temperatures have been well below freezing in the center of the ice sheet.


The forecast for Greenland is continued cold.

10-Day Temperature Outlook

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10 Responses to CNN : Out Of Context And Irrelevant

  1. rah says:

    Even the headline is wrong. The melt could result in enough water to cover and area equivalent to W. Virginia but is certainly will not cover that very hilly state.

    The lack in the quality of “journalism” is not just in the content but also in the very lack of precision in the words they choose to use.

    For example:
    Headline: “Here’s what we know about the armed bystander who killed the shooter at an Indiana mall (”

    Definition of bystander
    : one who is present but not taking part in a situation or event : a chance spectator
    Bystander Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

    Neither the victims or the man that took out the shooter meets the definition of “bystander”. They are participants that are taking some part in the action in one way or another.

    • rah says:

      BTW I make mistakes in my writing all the time but my job does not include the a requirement for being a wordsmith. Nor do I have an editor that supposedly checks my work.

      • paul courtney says:

        Mr. h: Well, I’d like to let those mistakes go, but some of your comments indicate that you may be conservative, so……… the dem swat team is on the way, make sure you wear clean shorts for the CNN-staged scene on your front lawn. Wish it was /sarc/.
        Now to your comment- You’re right, WVa not a good example, topo-wise. They should have used Delaware, higher scarier number, and a twofer, CNN could talk about oil slicks and cancer. Much easier to make up news than cover it.

  2. spren says:

    So if the temperature is the normal 50 degrees F then everything is just fine. But if it goes up 10 degrees to 60 degrees F then disaster is upon us. These people are all disgraceful and pathetic jokes.

  3. Gamecock says:

    How much did sea level rise last weekend?

  4. Disillusioned says:

    The forecast for CNN is continued propaganda.

  5. Brian D says:

    Yep, another bust for the warmists. Have to go to calving to make up the numbers they need to keep alarm bells ringing.

    The Arctic basin under a large ridge of high pressure now. Western areas will be under N and E winds for the rest of the month, but the Laptev will come under a strong S flow, as it meanders towards AK. Will be interesting to see how the August weather patterns evolve.

  6. Brian D says:

    Another word they use to scare is averages. Excuse me, but averages are just that. They are between the higher and lower temps that make it up, including the spikes in either direction.

  7. Doug Arnold says:

    CNN also reported last week, without explanation, that the continued drop in the water level at Lake Mead was attributable to climate change. Nowhere in the story did they mention that the population of Las Vegas, which gets 90% of its water from Lake Mead, has grown five fold since the mid 1980s.

  8. Bob G says:

    I live in Minnesota but I have a West Virginia story. In the year 2006 I took my children on a vacation to Washington DC. We drove and on the way we spent two nights in West Virginia. It’s a beautiful state and I believe it’s called The mountain State. We travel past a sign that said take this road and you will go to the top of the highest mountain in West Virginia. I recall it was less than 5,000 FT elevation. So we reached the top in late July of 2006. You needed a jacket on it was so cold roughly 50° or less. At the same time about a hundred miles away in Washington DC was in the mid-90s and the world’s going to end cuz it’s so darn hot. And less than 100 miles away we needed a coat to stay warm. Go figure. The following year we went to Colorado and we were at the top of pikes peak and it was roughly upper 40s ….at the same time it was in the 90s in Denver upper 90s. Darn hot in Denver that day but a short distance away …not so much. Obviously there’s no crisis. It’s the same old same old

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