Another WEF Success Story

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a member of the World Economic Forum, holds a Bachelor’s in Professional Communication and volunteered at a soup kitchen.

Jacinda Ardern | World Economic Forum

Two years ago she announced that she had eliminated COVID-19 in New Zealand.

How did New Zealand become Covid-19 free? – BBC News

New Zealand eliminates transmission of coronavirus | Financial Times

New Zealand now has one of the highest COVID-19 death rates in the world.

COVID-19 Data Explorer – Our World in Data

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20 Responses to Another WEF Success Story

  1. Ivan Wainwright says:

    Not only a B Prof Com and dab hand at ladling out soup, but the only woman in NZ who can eat an apple through a chain-wire fence.

  2. rah says:

    At least she didn’t load up the nursing homes with the infected. Did She?

  3. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Once again Toto predicted this would happen.
    But is the media covering it?
    This is a result of vaccines, mask, and lockdowns.
    My grandfather was right. Kids should be playing in the dirt (to get germs) instead of avoiding it.
    That’s how we get healthy immune systems.
    The idea of avoiding caronaviruses is ridiculous among healthy populations.
    Vaccines for Covid? They tried with SARS1 20 years ago and all they got for the effort was a lot of dead animals.
    Same technique was used for SARS2, except the skipped the animal trials and used humans instead under emergency authorization

  4. arn says:

    Just another WEF agent doing their job of destruction.

  5. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Democrats hate black children. This vast majority of the families with kids in DC schools are black or brown, and their families can’t afford to move or attend private school. They are trapped on the democrats plantation

  6. Torgo says:

    Like Zelensky, she has done nothing serious in her life. Yet we are supposed to treat her and him with respect and obedience.

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a member of the World Economic Forum, holds a Bachelor’s in Professional Communication and volunteered at a soup kitchen.
    So you have confirmed what I always believed: She’s an idiot, whose time is best spent sympathizing with the alcoholics and drug addicts.

  8. Aussie says:

    The press in NZ have been particularly appalling, with totally biased reporting on Jabcinda and her govt for years.
    The country is being destroyed before their eyes yet all they do is act as part of the govts PR office…

  9. Sammy LYLE says:

    Dont forget she also worked at a Fish and Chips shop, another highly useful qualification for being the Prime Minister of a small country.. State-owned and run TV News in New Zealand now announces numbers of deaths “WITH” Covid. Thats “WITH” not “OF”. So the number of deaths “OF” Covid is not reported on the News, and that graph shown above is probably derived from the same bullshit statisics. Jacinda also thinks that New Zealand should have new “Hate Speech” laws. I better finish writing this before the Hate Speech STASI come knockin on my door

  10. toorightmate says:

    I think it is great that she helped out in a soup kitchen.
    It is a pity that everything else she has ever done has been an abject disaster.

  11. Tel says:

    It’s Winter and raining in the Southern Hemisphere … the waves of excess deaths in Europe are clearly running in a seasonal pattern so if you want a fair comparison then you need to compare against Dec 2021 in Europe where the COVID deaths were much worse.

    If you poke around that site and compare various countries you see most of the Asia/Pacific region countries have lower deaths per million than both Europe and North America. These are deaths per million since the whole pandemic was declared.

    Singapore: 237 deaths per million (current wave ongoing)
    New Zealand: 282 deaths per million (current wave ongoing)
    Japan: 284 deaths per million (current wave mostly over)
    Australia: 371 deaths per million (current wave ongoing)
    India: 373 deaths per million (three major waves completed)
    South Korea: 477 deaths per million (current wave completed)
    Indonesia: 561 deaths per million (two major waves completed)
    Philippines: 583 deaths per million (three major waves completed)
    Malaysia: 1077 deaths per million (two major waves completed)

    When those ongoing waves come under control, probably as the weather warms up and presuming this rain will stop eventually, the top four in the list will be down about the same as the others. In the long run, only natural immunity can end this and only as sufficient people catch COVID. That said, the people who caught Omicron back in Jan 2022 in Australia were shrugging it off easily compared with those people catching Delta variant back in 2021.

  12. Reba says:

    It’s an it, not a woman. There are photos out there, like big mike/michelle showing their you know what with the clingy clothes. Just disgusting.

  13. Bob G says:

    You can’t stop a virus with a mask. They knew that 100 years ago so why do we have to relearn it? Free markets / capitalism works better than all the alternatives. So why do we have to relearn it? I don’t have the answer but probably has something to do with bias media and public school so-called education / propaganda.

    • Disillusioned says:

      It probably has nothing to do with having to relearn century-old basic medical and economic facts, but everything to do with top-down, fascist control over the proletariat. The elite want you afraid and controlled. They do *not* want free market capitalism, but, regulated, controlled markets which benefit them and grow their capital, and robs the rest of us of ours. IMHO

  14. Jeremy+Ashford says:

    The New Zealand governments of the last four decades have not been working on behalf of the NZ people. Since 1984 when the third Labour government took over, and lied us into globalism, wages have dropped relative to the rest of the world and not recovered. Their covid nonsense was another nail in the coffin of the NZ public. Generally speaking, Labour representatives work for the UN and WEF and opposition National Party reps just work to line their own pockets. The news media are complicit having not offered any serious objection to government activity since the 1980s. Between that and CNN’s coverage of the Bush 1 war I have stopped taking news media they say seriously. My wife still reads the newspapers but I just do the puzzles then throw them away. Likewise I have not participated in the media propaganda about COVID. Or COVID-related activities, with the exception of one test, without which I would not have been admitted to hospital. When someone comments on current events my standard response is “Oh, have the government [or news-media] started telling the truth?”

  15. AV says:

    Jacinda followed the directives of the WEF and demanded the mass jabbing (mass poisoning) of her people. She gloated in the praises she got for the very low covid cases in her country. Of course as most clear minded awake people knew- her fake honeymoon would not last. The jab has sadly weakened the immune system of huge numbers of good people in NZ and now the results are being revealed. The so called virus is causing large and growing numbers of deaths. She is not on her own though. Here in Australia we got ordered by our state and federal leaders to get the jab or we can’t work or attend events or be part of society. Just like our friends in NZ Australians en masse got the jab. Now we also have a huge and rising number of covid deaths .
    Exactly the same reason as NZ. Immune systems have been damaged and the mild covid thing, which is nothing more than a bit of flu is now a deadly killer.
    So what is the lesson here. What you sow your reap. Luckily we are all spirit beings and God loves us regardless of our stupidity. Thankfully our life is eternal, death has no power over us but, in the mean time early (material) deaths are the experience of more and more and more – all fully jabbed.

  16. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

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