Computer Models To Starve Animals

The new model is even more useless than the previous one.

“There could be more rainfall than snow in the Arctic in as little as 30 years because of the world’s changing climate, according to a new study that predicts the transition will happen decades earlier than previously anticipated.”

Arctic could see more rain than snow in 30 years, study suggests | The Independent Barents Observer

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2 Responses to Computer Models To Starve Animals

  1. Peter Carroll says:

    This would definitely explain why the UK has recorded a 6.5 inch (16.5 cm) rise in sea level since 1900, and the rate of rise is increasing. All this rain has to go somewhere.
    This is according to an article on the BBC News web site.
    I wonder why nowhere else on the planet has recorded such a rise?

    • The Dark Lord says:

      ahhh … rain doesn’t raise sea levels … rain simply returns water evaporated from the SEAS back to the seas …

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