Imaginary Connections

“Even before summer began, there were extreme heat waves and new heat records throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and the forecast calls for a hotter-than-normal summer in much of the U.S. Scientists say climate change is accelerating and intensifying these kinds of heat waves. It’s taken a while for some TV weather men and women to make these connections

India and Pakistan endured blistering conditions this spring, leading to a loss of life. And the forecast calls for a hotter-than-normal summer in much of the U.S.”

Weather forecasters increasingly address climate change | PBS NewsHour

The US is having one of the coolest years on record.

The three hottest springs in the US were 1934, 1911 and 1962.

The 1911 heatwaves began in January

02 Feb 1911, Page 1 – Fort Scott Daily Tribune and Fort Scott Daily Monitor at

23 May 1911, 9 – Fall River Daily Evening News at

04 Jul 1911, Page 1 – The Scranton Republican

The hottest July 4 occurred in 1911

05 Jul 1911, 1 – The Boston Globe at

The 1911 Heat Wave Was So Deadly It Drove People Insane – New England Historical Society

En 1911, Paris suffoquait déjà sous la canicule – Le Parisien

India is always hottest in spring before the monsoon season starts

“When a person is accustomed to 138 in the shade, his ideas about cold weather are not valuable….In India, “cold weather” is merely a conventional phrase and has come into use through the necessity of having some way to distinguish between weather which will melt a brass door-knob and weather which will only make it mushy.”

– Mark Twain

08 Jun 1935 – HEAT WAVE – Trove

23 May 1972 – INDIA Heatwave kills 300 – Trove

08 Jun 1935 – HEAT WAVE IN INDIA – Trove

27 May 1935 – TRAGIC HEAT WAVE. – Trove

20 Jul 1934 – THE HOTTEST PLACE. – Trove

02 Jun 1934 – Deaths From Heat – Trove

15 Jun 1966 – INDIA Hundreds die in heat wave – Trove

16 Jun 1932 – 22 PERSONS DIE – Trove

01 Jun 1972 – Fatal heat – Trove

12 Jul 1878 – INDIA. – Trove

The areal coverage and intensity of US heatwaves are near record lows.

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8 Responses to Imaginary Connections

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    The SCOTUS has delivered a huge blow to the climate agenda. Rather than except the decision, Joe Biden is calling it “extremist”
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Biden makes several executive orders to undermine the SCOTUS and put justices in harms way from unhinged liberals

  2. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Also on the subject of climate…Steve Milloy weighs in

  3. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    All those $billions to Ukraine are being laundered

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Now we need a SCOTUS ruling on the use of executive orders.
    Anyway, I’ve been trying to think of ways to undermine the global climate change narrative. One idea would be to have “The Carbon Dioxide Project”. I think it could be done fairly inexpensively. Somewhere at a major event, rent a space which would be very prominent and have on display “greenhouses” where every factor is the same except for the amount of CO2 in the greenhouses. Have one with the CO2 level from 1600 or so. One with the CO2 level of today, and one with 4 times the level of today.
    Also display the graphs of the actual historical temperature readings vs the NASA/NOAA adjusted temperature readings. Also a film describing the health and welfare benefits of mechanized society vs those who don’t have that advantage: perhaps two communities in Africa, one draws water by hand, the other has a pump, plus hand tilling vs tractor crop production, relative health etc.
    Have this display where the thousands of people who attend the event can see it. Try to generate TV coverage.
    Farmers in the Netherlands, are you listening? Put this in front of your people and get some support.

  5. Gamecock says:

    Anecdata from South Carolina: we had a very MILD June. It was GREAT!

  6. Russell Cook says:

    And regarding Judy Woodruff’s ol’ PBS NewsHour, how biased are they? I wondered about that myself back in 2010, and ever since I counted it up for an AmericanThinker piece I wrote, I’ve kept an ongoing count. This particular one will be the 1,293rd time (from now back to 1996) in which they’ve had direct discussions or prominent mentions of the global warming topic, and among all of those, only seven of featured any semblance of purely science points from the skeptical side of the issue, and none of those came from skeptic climate scientists. See: “NewsHour Global Warming Bias Tally, Updated 5/23/22: 97 to 0” . I’m surprised they haven’t yet tried to have an IPCC- / NASA- / NOAA-associated scientist on in the last few days to talk about the Supreme Court knocking back EPA’s efforts, but when they do, I’ll have to put in yet another update to my page there along with the sheer overall bias count.

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