Latvia Starting Military Conscription

Latvia is starting a draft to defend against Russia.

8:27 AM · Jul 5, 2022

My first wife was a Russian who grew up in Latvia and faced hatred and discrimination every day of her childhood because she was Russian.  Her response to this tweet :

“Paranoia will destroy ya”

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6 Responses to Latvia Starting Military Conscription

  1. Terry Shipman says:

    Tony, you do a good job with climate history. You should look at the history of the USSR and its brutal treatment of the Baltic states before criticizing the people of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. They have a long memory of just how brutal Joseph Stalin was. You can also throw in the millions who were deliberately starved in the Ukraine.

    Back in college I had a professor who was native Ukrainian. We used to joke with him that he was a Russian. No, no he said, “I am UKRAINIAN!” He told us how his family suffered under the Soviet Union. He was now (early 1970’s) a proud American. He was a good man.

    Now, I dislike discrimination in any form but it is quite understandable why the people of the former satellite states of the Soviet Union hate Russia with a purple passion. They have good reason to. I understand, through my study of history, why the Baltic States are scared to death of Putin’s desire to rebuild the Soviet empire.

    Please don’t tell me Putin invaded Ukraine because of Ukrainian corruption or Nazification. That is all a lie. Putin invaded because he wants to rebuild the USSR.

    I’m sorry your former wife suffered discrimination. But you should understand the reasons why the Baltic states hate Russia so much. They have good reason.

    • tonyheller says:

      Russia is struggling to occupy the Russian territories of Eastern Ukraine. The suggestion that they plan to invade Europe is farcical.

      • Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

        Putin doesn’t want anything to do with the immorality of Western Europe.
        It’s aggravating that that those with the Ukrainian flag in their bios don’t understand that it’s the Ukraine itself that is corrupt, and they have been slaughtering ethnic Russians by the thousands in Eastern Ukraine since 2014.
        Those people in eastern and southern Ukraine want to be part of Russia again.
        The other reason for the Russian invasion was NATO. If NATO takes over Ukraine, Russia would lose its access to the Black Sea and the ports they built there, leaving Russia completely land locked in the south and having the supply route cut off for goods being shipped in from Africa, Egypt etc. Then they would have to ship the goods all the way around Europe to Saint Petersburg, or around Asia to the far western part of Russia to then be shipped by rail thousands of miles to Moscow.
        You can’t blame Putin for not wanting NATO on his border, where nuke missiles would only be minutes from Moscow.
        By the way, the Ruble is doing just fine, and Biden’s prediction of the Ruble turning to rubble was a big fat fail.
        Then there’s the money laundering operation going on in Ukraine, which includes republicans and democrats. And now Zelensky wants $750 billion more.
        Excuse me if I can’t get on the Ukrainian bandwagon

      • Russia is struggling in Ukraine but this has not yet dented their plans to convert Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Moldova into buffer States. Russia is not the largest country in the World because it has pursued isolationist policies.

        • tonyheller says:

          The majority of Russian land is Siberian wasteland. The population of Russia is smaller than Nigeria and is about one third of the US. But thanks for sharing!

    • Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

      I hate to break it to you, Russia is NOT a communist country, and hasn’t been for 30 years. If Putin wanted communism in Russia, he would have done that 20 years ago. And anyone that says the Nazism doesn’t exist in Ukraine, needs to talk to the families of the 14,000 plus ethnic Russians that have been Slaughtered by the literal Nazis in eastern Ukraine the last 8 years. It was the Ukrainian government which refused to abide to the Minsk agreement, not Putin.
      The idea that Americans are supposed to hate Russia and Putin comes from the media and democrats the last 5 and a half years and their assault on Donald Trump.
      “It’s Putin’s fault for everything “😵‍💫😂

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