Ozone Hole Times Seven

The new ozone hole is seven times worse than the one which nearly wiped out life on earth during the 1980s.

“preliminary reports showing that ozone depletion levels over equatorial regions are already endangering large populations therein, and the associated UV radiation reaching the regions was far greater than expected”.

‘Huge’ unexpected ozone hole discovered over tropics | The Independent

In 1988, the North Pole ozone hole was worse than the one at the South Pole, “scientists say.”

18 Dec 1988, 90 – The Greenville News at Newspapers.com

“In the 1980s, the planet was in grave danger, not from global warming but from a giant hole in the ozone layer, an atmospheric layer that absorbs most of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light.”

Ozone Hole: How We Saved the Planet | MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

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27 Responses to Ozone Hole Times Seven

  1. UV radiation converts oxygen into ozone, which decomposes back to oxygen, releasing the energy as infra red. It is a process of down conversion of UV to infra red in which ozone is a bi-product and nothing more. This is the same silliness which imagines that gases ‘block’ radiation. Let us be clear. Ozone absorption band is indeed in the UV, so it absorbs UV and either decomposes back to oxygen, or re-radiates the UV. It does not ‘block’ it. This is the same fundamental error which underpins the ‘greenhouse effect’. Kirchoff’s Law (which is simply a re-statement of the Law of Conservation of Energy) requires what is absorbed by a body to be re-radiated, possibly with a different spectrum, but the quantity of power must remain the same. Unless the gas is ionised, it will not reflect. This is folklore, the fact that it has been a thought habit for forty years does not render it valid. It is Canals on Mars and Piltdown man all over again.

  2. The ozone layer panic originated from the US aerospace industry’s desire to get Concorde banned, as the American supersonic transport aircraft projects were complete failures. They were determined the market wasn’t going to go to Britain, France and Russia. Companies like Boeing and Lockheed, which up till then couldn’t give two hoots about the environment suddenly became concerned about the ozone layer and noise. So I wonder where the funding for the ozone panic of the early 1970s came from. I suppose we get the science which vested interests pay for. It is the fundamental reason astrology lasted for so long.

  3. JimK says:

    How do we know that it has not been there for the last few million years?

    • arn says:

      Well,they have satellite data about the ozone layers since 1969 and instantly realised that,after being told by the club of rome,man made CFCs are travelling for unknown reasons thousands of miles to the arctics to attack the ozone there
      instead of causing the damage above those places where they are released.

      It is unknown why CFC’s are travelling to that specific arctic positions(they obviously prefer cooler climate ) nor how they get there (hitchhiking Santa Clause?)
      or why they are not being absorbed by atmospheric ozone way before they can reach the arctic.

      Some conspiracy theorist claim that the very volatile size of the ozone holes and the periodical growing and shrinking in combination with the fact that during peak ozone scare the ozone hole in the south was much bigger than the one in the north was
      though 80% of CFC’s were released in the north,
      were proof that CFC’s have no impact on the Ozone layer.
      But DuPonts CFC patents were running out at that time and the elites needed a milestone in indoctrinating people on a global scale.

      • Gamecock says:

        “But DuPonts CFC patents were running out at that time and the elites needed a milestone in indoctrinating people on a global scale.”

        [citation needed]

        That’s BS, arn.

      • Nobody seems to be able to explain how CFCs can make it through the tropopause which is noted for its complete absence of circulation. The tradition of publishing utter garbage is proudly upheld by today’s climate gurus.

        • arn says:

          I’m also amazed how CFC’s made it through the coriolis winds(or whatever the correct English term is).
          CFC’s can avoid horizontal and vertical barriers without problems.

          My guess is that some mad scientists added some gain of functions to the CFC’s (a ninja stealth gene)just as co2 gained some amazing new properties in the past decades(but not covid as this claim is a haram conspiracy)

        • GWS says:

          Electromagnetic currents influence different molecules differently.

      • Aloysius C Pierce Jr says:

        CFC are heavy too. they condense to a liquid in cold like Antarctica. They would be on the surface there.

      • Works4Me says:

        Could someonw explain how CFC are wafted to upper atmosphere? CFC are heaver then air. The molar mass of dry air with oxygen, nitrogen and the other components is 28.9647 g/mol. CFC molar mass is 43.0198 is g/mol.
        One danger working with CFC is it pools in low lying areas. Breating it will cause heart irregularities, unconsciousness and even death.

        It is said Chlorine from the breakdown of CFC’s are causing damage to ozone but wouldn’t clorine from swiming pools, treated water and cleaning be more readily available?

  4. Martin says:

    Oy vey! Their brains have turned to mush… too many vaccines, maybe…

  5. arn says:

    I’d blame co2
    or nitrogen
    or methane
    for this.
    Or even the climate,as a warming climate will pretty soon be known as destroyer of ozone which can only be saved by some global tax AFTER experts are given 1.5 billion dollars fo research to get to the results we already know.

    But I’m a bit confused that arctic ice is still there though there is no ozone to absorb the powerful UV rays.

    • You know, and I know, it is the absence of solar flux needed to create the ozone. Likewise measures taken to ‘repair the damage’ caused by CO2 emissions will be heralded in history as the story of how ‘scientists saved the world’. Such measures are equivalents to the medicine man’s rain dance. It’s an age old technique, requiring skill in mumbo jumbo to hide the con trick from the populace in general.

  6. David March says:

    It has long been known that UV radiation creates Ozone after being absorbed by O2 molecules, sundering their bond and leaving active single Oxygen atoms that are then available to combine and create O3– “Ozone.” That absorption — if I understand rightly — is the thing that substantially reduces the amount of high-energy UV light reaching the planet’s surface.

    But Ozone is highly reactive, and therefor naturally tends to be short lived, combining readily with other atmospheric gases. My chemistry classes were a long time ago, but it seems to me from NASA information I read, that the way the Ozone Protects us, is primarily in its creation and destruction —> that is, by both O2 and occasional O3 molecules absorbing the incident UV energy, breaking the molecular bonds to free individual Oxygen atoms. I don’t see any statement indicating that the O3 molecule itself otherwise BLOCKS UV particularly. So the “Ozone Hole” seems to indicate something ELSE going on in that region, which would reduce the amount of Ozone regardless of the presence of CFCs.

    In other words, the presence/abundance of Ozone is a RESULT NOT the CAUSE of UV absorption.

    What other conditions could reduce the production of Ozone in the upper atmosphere?

    I thought all the world’s manufacturing countries stopped using CFCs.
    Is it possible that some country with a substantial manufacturing capacity has continued cooking up CFCs and spewing them into the atmosphere, WITHOUT ANYONE noticing this is going on???
    Or is it possible that some entirely OTHER set of factors is at work disrupting Ozone production in the upper atmosphere?
    Whatever the cause, It CANNOT be Insignificant that the depletion is concentrated in a distinctly defined LOCUS. That strongly suggests that the phenomenon results from physical factors that are most concentrated in that region. In other words, conditions and substances that should be detectable and quantifiable in comparison to the abundances in other regions where the Ozone is NOT depleted.

    I can’t help wondering if the weakening of our planet’s magnetic field observed over the last decades could be involved in the formation of the new equatorial holes.

    I welcome comment from people with greater knowledge than mine.

  7. Aloysius C Pierce Jr says:

    1.9 billion years ago Cyanobacteria started to make Oxygen. It was then that UV was stopped when in became a part of the atmosphere. It took a while for life to colonize the earth (It hade been only in water under 6 ft.) UV is higher as the altitude rises. It is Oxygen doing its part. Selling hysteria is important to the idiots, how else can they make money?

  8. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Just wait until after next year when your AC breaks and they won’t be able to fix it due to environmental laws. Your current system is not compatible with the proposed and highly flammable new concoction they have planned.
    Your going to have to buy a whole new system.
    And with food and energy in short supply by then…..good luck!

  9. Robert L. Gipson says:

    There is a scientific consensus that it’s Putin’s fault.

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