Projecting Their Evil

Every hate group in history has believed their particular brand of hatred is justified by science.

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  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Tony You have HONOR.
    Honor is the only thing that can NOT be bought.
    Thank you and Great Work Sir!!!

  2. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Just as the global elite justify eliminating billions to “save the planet”
    Make no mistake, reducing the population is their goal.
    Meanwhile there is not a shred of evidence to suggest that increasing CO2 levels are causing any meaningful increase in temps. If anything, it’s good!
    Here’s some good literature to study up on, learn, and own these anti CO2 climate alarmist

    • GreyGeek says:

      Nice resource! Thanks!
      The last two paragraphs sum it up:
      ” The true motivation underlying the global warming movement is almost certainly ideological and political in nature, with a growing helping of greed now that many billions of dollars are being steered toward “controlling” global warming, and I predict that Anthropogenic Global Warming, as currently presented, will go down in history as the greatest fraud of all time. It makes Ponzi and Madoff look like pikers by comparison.

      Many principal advocates, including many whose job description is “scientist,” arguing for fighting human-caused global warming have been demonstrably disingenuous[(16) and now you can see why. Those who knowingly have done this have proved they should not be trusted. “

  3. arn says:

    So California was already setting global lunacy standards 100 years ago

    and character and betterment are still deep inside the woke agenda just as race has a leading role.

    Some weaks ago I watched a comment made by an African politician? why they don’t sanction Russia.He said something like
    “The Russians are the first white people who treat us like equals and don’t try to screw us ”
    Considering all the woke BS and 5 presidential terms of superwoke oh-so-worried POC-loving democrats during the last 3 decades one would expect that such behavior would have ended long time ago.
    But below the skin deep surface of hypocrisy and good intentions things haven’t changed as the perpetrators are the same or others who are just as evil.

  4. Traci Lattie says:

    Every time I see your beautiful wife, it brings a smile to my face. Tony, I’m surrounded by family and friends who refuse to believe that anything nefarious is happening. I’ve tried sharing information but they’re too entrapped in their tiny bubbles and have no interest in hearing the truth. It’s frustrating, lonely and isolating but when I watch your videos I feel connected to the truth and oddly, it give me a sense of peace. Blessings and gratitude to you and your beautiful family!

  5. Russell Hicks says:

    Neatly summarised video Tony, YOU are a giant to square up to this colossal fraud.

  6. Steve Cooksey says:

    Dr. Bill Gray would be very proud of you Tony. I did a search for him and everything you say about him is true.

  7. GWS says:

    I Thank God for you doing what you do to tell the truth, Tony, and pray that you live a long and healthy life; at least till after I’m dead. These liars and snakes have got to be found out and decommissioned. Keep it up!

  8. Ivan Wainwright says:

    The eugenicists may have their wish come true as the Earth cools during the current grand solar minimum. A temperature drop of 2 or 3 degrees will cause mass starvation as crops fail. As evidence that the GSM is having an effect, America will have a cold winter this year with even colder winters in subsequent years. See the work of Prof. Valentina Zharkova for more information.

    • Steen Højrup says:

      There is some problems with the calculations of prof. Zharkova, see

      It is unfortunately only in danish. Others, like Henrik Svensmark, DTU Space in Copenhagen, has pointed out and also experimentally verified the causational relation between the Suns magnetic field and cloud formation, that again affects global warming/global cooling. So obviously Zharkova has a point.

  9. Mikey0 says:

    I just tried to imagine where my knowledge would be about “climate change” had I never run across your videos. I felt myself morphing into a half-witted liberal so I immediately stopped and wrote this to thank you. THANK YOU!!

  10. Stuart Hamish says:

    The ancestor of the annointed child prophet of the apocalyptic warming cult Greta Thunberg is the greenhouse effect guru himself Svante Arrhenius …….What is not widely known is that Arrhenius was an arch eugenicist and board member of the Swedish Society for Racial Hygiene …He was a proto Nazi and yet Arrhenius is one of the heroes of the climate crisis movement ….Barack Obamas science czar John Holdren was also a population control eugenicist and as late as 1985 was adulating Harrison Brown ….If you want to see who Harrison Brown is and what grotesque ideas he espoused, do an internet search on his name … Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party were obviously not offended by Holdren’s ideology or he would never have been appointed science advisor to the president ..Then again Hilary Clinton positively admired the hateful race eugenicist Margaret Sanger [ and Klansman Robert Byrd ] so perhaps she set the tone . The constant carping character assassination of Donald Trump [ the Ty Cobb of American politics ] by the Democrats and the radical left as a racist is plainly ridiculous but I digress

    …Now the question is : why are these troubling facts concerning Svante Arrhenius Thunberg and Holdren censored in the mainstream media and among green environmentalist organizations ?….Surely it could not have anything to do with the Malthusian eco -eugenics agendas of these radical environmentalist movements and organizations now taking ugly shape in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka …..Projection of evil indeed

  11. Stuart Hamish says:

    Can you see the recent post of mine Tony and Kirye ?

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