“summer 1540 was likely warmer than 2003”

“Spring-summer (AMJJ) temperature anomalies of 4.7 °C to 6.8 °C being significantly higher than in 2003 were assessed for 1540 from a new long Swiss GHD series (1444 to 2011). During the climax of the heat wave in early August the grapes desiccated on the vine”

An underestimated record breaking event – why summer 1540 was likely warmer than 2003 – NASA/ADS

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  1. Ulric Lyons says:

    Compare the 1540 positions of the gas giants with 1361, 1757 (also both major European heatwaves), 1936, and 2006. Saturn in superior conjunction with Neptune, both roughly in quadrature with Jupiter.


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