Washington Post “Global Heat Waves”

The US Press censors all discussion of energy policy by the public because “the public lacks climate credentials.” Yet every journalist, politician and 17 year old high-school truant willing to spout climate superstition, is given a megaphone.

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4 Responses to Washington Post “Global Heat Waves”

  1. Journalists are too stupid to follow a reasoned argument from first principles, and are in no position to judge.

  2. spren says:

    Tony, it’s just getting so ridiculous that the historical truth doesn’t even matter any more. All these charlatans care about is spewing their agenda and counting on most people being too oblivious to go and find out the truth for themselves.

    Oh, the climate crisis is upon us and we must act now. Sure there will be some pain (but it won’t be upon any of us) but we must act now to avoid calamity. I hope all of these aristocrat wannabes face the same fate as those in France when the French Revolution took place. They richly are deserving of it.

  3. Mike Linn says:

    The climate cultists are going on and on about the unprecedented heat in Europe and the US…
    Wonder why they are ignoring this… It happened way back about 6 months ago.

    “Overall, the Hunga Tonga eruption disrupted the global atmosphere like no other event, natural or human induced, in recent history. ”


  4. Jimmy Walter says:

    You put “the public lacks climate credentials.” in quotes. Who said that where?

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