$174,000 Salary Goes A Long Way For Liz Cheney

“Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) net worth ballooned from an estimated $7 million when she first took office in 2017 to possibly more than $44 million in 2020, according to analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics and her most recent financial disclosure forms.”

Liz Cheney’s Net Worth Grew as Much as 600% During Her Time in Office

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9 Responses to $174,000 Salary Goes A Long Way For Liz Cheney

  1. arn says:

    She must have been working extremely hard for the people she represents to earn so much money somewhere else.

    At least noone can claim that the deep state doesn’t pay well.

  2. GreyGeek says:

    Earning $12+ million a year while representing Wyoming for $172K/yr.

    Congress meets 185 days per year, so she’s “earning” that $12M during 1/2 of the year, IF she spends any of her time representing her constituents.

    As a working lawyer her net worth was $7M before she took office. How’d she get so financially smart AFTER she took office in 2017?

    She left Wyoming as a child and purchased a house there in 2012, in anticipation for running for office, but her real residency was McLean, Virginia. Some called her a carpetbagger.

    She graduated law school in 1996 and became part of the swamp in 2002 until she was elected to Congress in 2017. From 2015 to 2017 she talked conservative. She took her oath of office the same month that Pres Trump did, and supported him. Sometime around 2019 her politics took a sharp turn to the Left and now she’s hoping for Democrat cross-voting in Wyoming to keep her in office.

    Oh, the sudden increase in income … It’s common for congressmen to attend closed sessions with corporate CEOs and then call their brokers immediately after the meeting, if they can wait that long. For example, Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, sold off approximately $5 million worth of shares in chipmaker Nvidia on Tuesday ahead of a Senate vote on a bill that would boost the domestic chip makers. Any guesses as to how he found out about decline in Nvidia stock before it happened? Besides Nvidia, Paul Pelosi made prescient trades in Alphabet, Telsa and others. Psychic? So psychic that a portfolio called “Insider Portfolio” that mimics Paul Polosi’s stock trades.

  3. GWS says:

    When did working for the government become a great way to get rich? Not for Geroge Washington. Not even Harry Truman who drove himself and his wife back home to Missouri after leaving office. And, not for Donald Trump who lost money as President. But, somehow, dimocrats all seem to come out holding bags of gold that just fell in their laps while in office, just by accident.

    • arn says:

      Well,take a look at the Clinton billionaires, Obama, Biden.
      All professionals in avoiding real jobs and becoming very rich.
      Even the posterchild of political hypocrisy former Mr anti -millionaire Bernie Sanders has filled his pockets and is now Mr Anti-billionaire.

  4. czechlist says:

    “An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics.”
    Harry Truman

  5. dm says:

    Perhaps Liz learned from Hillary how to trade cattle futures.

  6. D. Boss says:

    Not that I agree with nor condone this scab of a human being, but her rise in net worth could merely be positioning her father’s assets into her hands before he kicks the bucket to avoid death taxes. As long as you do it early enough you can avoid the death tax.

    But I don’t rule out insider trading as occurs routinely with our so called civil servants/elected representatives.

    • arn says:

      Good point
      but her daddy had heart surgeries years and years ago ,so that would be a bit late .

      I find it hard to believe that her daddy only accumulated just 5* more money in his whole lifetime than his daughter.

  7. Heretic Jones says:

    And here’s more not-so-surprising info about the relationship between the cheneys and bidens:


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