Alec Baldwin Compares Liz Cheney To A Russian Dissident

Alec Baldwin has a lot in common with the Cheney family. Like Dick Cheney he mishandles guns and shoots people for no reason.

Alec Baldwin compares Liz Cheney to an American Navalny | The Hill

And also like Dick Cheney, Alec Baldwin tried to cover up what what he had done.

Vice and the real story behind Dick Cheney shooting accident scene

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7 Responses to Alec Baldwin Compares Liz Cheney To A Russian Dissident

  1. arn says:

    That’s a good comparison by Killer-Alec.

    Navalny,just like Miss Cheney, a lawyer.
    A US deep state operative who was promoted by the guy who was the only Russian Bilderberger participant for many years – Gari Kasparov,
    so Navalny got a Yale Scholarship for youn leade…. sorry,
    Yale calls it Yale World Fellows,
    where the US globalist create fake statesman all around the world,
    just as they did with the School of the Americas,
    except those modern dictators ,like Trudeau,Arden etc no longer pose as dictators but hide their tyranny behind green,woke covid agendas.

    Just as Miss Cheney Navalny is not what he pretends to be .
    He helped the west to loot Russia in the 90ies as her daddy looted the USA for the sake of the MiC
    and became a member Nemtsovs party – a guy who opposed Putin from the beginning as he considered him a threat to wall street inter…democracy in Russia.

    Sadly Putin succeeded and since then life expectancy in Russia went up from 61 years in 1999 to 73 years in 2019 as result of the massive increase in living standards = a similar tragedy happened in occupied Crimea where the average monthly
    income in 2020 was 670 dollars,while the free flourishing western Ukrainians earn less than 190 dollars per month thanks to the help of USA and EU.

  2. Richard says:

    Alec is dumber than AOC

  3. Gamecock says:

    The Hill is unconcerned with Baldwin’s homicide investigation. Quoting him seems tasteless at best.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    The pure hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters by the Left, the media and deep state puppets like Cheney is sickening. Just checking for the day’s weather report, within fifteen seconds of accidentally watching CBS news this morning, they were calling Trump and his supporters’ concerns over the 2020 election false and misleading claims, and they referred to them as “election DENIERS”.

    The evil disinformation the Left is pushing heavily right now needs to be thrown right back into their faces – similarly as I refer to AGW alarmists as “natural climate change deniers.”

    • GWS says:

      True — They need to be called out — but FOX is never going to do it. The right is a one-ship navy yet, with some deft speedboats buzzing around.

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