Journalism Runs Even Drier

The press says the same weather patterns which have occured for thousands of years are now caused by the use of the low cost reliable energy which billions of people depend on for their day-to-day survival.

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5 Responses to Journalism Runs Even Drier

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Bye Liz!😂😂

  2. Robert L Gipson says:

    The drought in California is man-made. Thus, in a sense, it truly *is* “anthropogenic,” although not as in anthropogenic “global warming,” but as in political (anthropogenic) scheming.

  3. toorightmate says:

    Thanks again Tony. Historical records are fantastic to enable people to get a grasp on reality. MSM does NOT want to get to anything like reality. They believes that sensationalism buys advertising (I suspect that might be a bit short of the mark also).

    The ABC in Oz told us last week that the rapid melting of Antarctic ice is going to dramatically increase sea levels “very soon”. Today the same hopeless Oz news service tells us that the Mediterranean is abnormally hot – many areas consistently over 30C(??????) and marine life in the Mediterranean will soon be extinct.

    I have a daily glance at the world wind map (for the past 15 years). There have been no hurricanes or typhoons in the Northern hemisphere so far this year. Can someone tells me if that has been the case on 17 August in the past or is it UNPRECEDENTED.

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