South Pacific

The staff at ABC News seems to be having difficulty with both their geography and their science.

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  1. GWS says:

    Why is it that the left never points out hypocrisy on the right? Is it because hypocrisy is business as usual for the left and is nothing to be ashamed of?

  2. Greg in NZ says:

    As someone who DOES live in the South Pacific, I’m pretty sure the island of Guam is in what’s known as the North Pacific, ie. it’s north of the equator. Just sayin’, y’all.

  3. ” At the current rate of global warming 80% of these islands could be uninhabitable by 2050 “…

    Nevermind the geography howler …80% of Pacific and Indian ocean islands and atolls are , in fact , stable or accreting in size according to studies and therefore not imperiled by sea level rise at all . I wonder if the prophetic 80% figure was purposefully inverted by ABC News producers .

  4. Altogether now:
    There is nothing quite so lame
    Nothing in the World
    There is nothing you can name
    That is anything like so lame

  5. arn says:

    This ABC News has so many many shameless lies packed in 25 seconds.
    It’s absolutely amazing: As if a child of Biden,Michael Mann and Paul Ehrlich wrote it.

    Besides the geography everything else is also total and indoctrinary Bullshit.
    Neither are the growing Maledives threatened by warming or sea level rise,nor will they shrink but grow,
    but the biggest lie is that of a welcoming,richly diverse (typical woke indoctrination :Look dear American how diverse and welcoming the rest of the world is).
    You get kicked out instantly if you are not a paying tourist and it is impossible to get the citizenship if you are not a muslim
    (and i would not be surprised if the tourism is handled the veiled apartheid way like in the emirates where only certain regions are open to them while the world outside is 100% different)

    Maledives are a totalitarian muslim state disguised as democracy where all religions except Islam are forbidden (how welcoming and diverse) and the Maledives left the commonwealth some years ago because they were accused of human rights violations.
    And there is little left of a 1000 years of bhuddism after Islam arrived
    and a lot of the remaining stuff was destroyed 10 years ago,
    and those things that survived usually did so because they got buried by the jungle

  6. Richard says:

    Hank would lose in an IQ test with AOC or Pelosi AND THEN he gets re-elected

    Obama was given $65 million contract from publisher that he awarded $1.2 BILLION to produce books for USG- hum?

    • arn says:

      Talking about IQ tests.
      Kamala Harris yesterday confused South Korea with Nort Korea.

      • Greg in NZ says:

        OK, I’ll play this game: so South Korea is in the South Pacific, North Korea is in the North Pacific, and Kamala Whatsherface is from Outer Space? No wonder the children don’t know if they’re Arthur or Martha.

        Polynesia (‘many islands’) is a YUGE roughly triangular shape from New Zealand to Easter Island / Rapanui northwards to Hawai’i – just because the Aloha Islands are in ‘Polynesia’ doesn’t mean they’re in the ‘South’ Pacific. As always, ask a local. 😃

      • Gary says:

        she called it the Republican of North Korea as well.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Puppets reading scripts for the Cabal don’t have to know Geography, or anything for that matter. Just do what we tell you , read your lines and all will be well for you – nobody will get hurt … or worse.

  7. spike55 says:

    That’s odd..

    In that pic of obarmy’s place, there are no wind turbines, even though it looks like a windy coastal location, and no solar panels, that I can see.

    His guy obviously doesn’t believe in “renewable” energy.

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