Climate Racketeering

Another story of climate data tampering, deception and fraud by the United Nations and the US government.

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10 Responses to Climate Racketeering

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Energy racketeering by the US at the expense of Germany. This is terrorism and a good way to start a hot war with Russia.

  2. David Reich says:

    Meanwhile the Prime Minister of New Zealand in her speech to the United Nations says anyone who denies the existence of climate change should be silenced.

    • Petit_Barde says:

      Listening to her UN speech, she even justified censorship in the name of “free speech”.


    • arn says:

      She is a mouthpiece of Western WEF Oligarchy and was put by them into this position( for some unexplainable reasons WEF members of the young leader program get into positions of power in the western world the same way members of the school of the americas became dictators all around South America),therefore protecting their main tool of subjugation(climate was the first woke thing that we were not allowed to question)

    • doubleplusgood goodthink, comrade

  3. arn says:

    Biden does Biden things(the only remaining thing he is capable of)
    In the beginning the got lost in a room,then on a stage now he gets lost at the speakers desk.
    The guy who does not know where he is or where he is going but he is the leader of the free world

    Funny btw-the woman who tries to grab him for a second after she has realised that she Biden is not leashed

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