“Climate Science Basics”

The core beliefs of the climate religion.

Science – 350

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12 Responses to “Climate Science Basics”

  1. Neil says:

    Hi Tony. What about all this geo-engineering I am hearing about? This massive spraying that is going on in the stratosphere, chemtrailing. Who is doing this? It is clearly illegal. Are the military involved? Would this be part of “their” depopulation agenda. More like an extinction agenda to me. These criminals must be reigned in, but it seems that they are relentless and have no morals or concerns for beingsa on my planet. What say you Tony? love your work. The cabal must hate you!

  2. I am reminded of the sheep in Orwell’s Animal Farm, brainlessly chanting Party slogans.

  3. Gamecock says:

    2. is a lie. There is absolutely NO CORRELATION between global mean temperature and CO2 concentration. A graph of GMT vs CO2 concentration from 1979 makes it obvious.

  4. Billyjack says:

    The Church of Warming is a denomination of the main religion of Secular Socialism, whose deity is the government. The religion’s epistle only considers CO2 as a culprit because its ban will destroy free market capitalism.

  5. GWS says:

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to attack relentlessly and recklessly any and all fossil fuel related entities, such as gas stations, cars, trucks, tanker ships, oil storage depots, etc. — immediately! The fate of the world is on your shoulders. Do you choose the path of the HERO — or the coward?

  6. iggie says:

    How do they explain the rather quick rise in temps from 1910-1940 and then dropping over the next 30+ years while CO2 was rising?

    Let’s rephrase the above to make it simpler.
    We have a problem.
    You are causing it.
    But we have a solution.
    Give us your money!

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