Biden The Nuclear Physicist

The Biden White House has solved the nuclear fusion problem.

Fusion energy breakthrough unveiled by Biden administration – The Washington Post

They had to do it, because their top nuclear official got arrested.

Non-binary Biden nuclear official Sam Brinton fired after luggage theft charges

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6 Responses to Biden The Nuclear Physicist

  1. Biden’s (Obama/Soros) Administration is just like a Freak Show that pulls into a town on a Saturday Morning…and FREAKS they have galore!
    I want “Mean tweets, Peace, Prosperity and to the point President” back.

    • arn says:

      Especially Biden is so superauthentic.

      A good friend of KKK recruiter Byrd ,
      who in the first 40 years of his carreer was never seen next to a tranny and for sure not advocating for them.
      Who was against gay marriage and who lived everywhere where minorities don’t live.

      At the age of 80 he all of a sudden began to surround himself with superfreaks and and IT- minorities.

  2. Megalomania doesn’t exclude people from office, why should sexual disphoria?

  3. Gamecock says:

    ‘As the beams fired, the atomic particles in the gas fused together and released more energy than the lasers had put in.’

    Our troubles are over, Nelson!

    Wait . . . how did they measure that released energy? How did they confirm fusion – were they able to isolate some helium afterwards? Betcha the ‘more energy’ is purely theoretical.

    ‘It represents what officials say is a significant milestone in the decades-long effort to harness nuclear fusion, an energy source that has the potential to create abundant clean electricity.’

    Well, Jim, blasting hydrogen with lasers to get fusion is a milestone. Whether it is significant remains to be seen. Blasting hydrogen with lasers is NOT harnessing nuclear fusion; it simply creates it.

    Our fine government is making a huge leap from what has actually been accomplished. It’s propaganda, not science reporting. Long term, we may find this gets us no closer to harnessing nuclear fusion for power generation, though it is a necessary step. Indeed, other technologies may be used.

    Government overstates the accomplishment. WaPo trumpets it, being the communication department of the Democrat Party. The propaganda value is in getting people to believe it is possible to stop using fossil fuels.

    It took them 30 years to create more energy (allegedly) than consumed. No reason to believe it won’t take another 30 to harness it. Indeed, harnessing it may be a far more daunting task.

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