Hollywood’s New Love Affair

Hollywood spent decades hating the Cheney family, but now Liz Cheney is their latest prop.  They say she is more popular than President Trump.

7:28 AM · Dec 5, 2022

Poll: Utah voters might be ready to move on from Donald Trump – Deseret News

Meanwhile, back in the real world, President Trump’s support continues to increase and Liz Cheney lost the Wyoming Republican primary by more than two to one – despite the mainstream media’s appeal for Democrats to vote for her.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll – Rasmussen Reports®

Wyoming Democratic & Republican Primary Election Results and Maps 2022 | CNN Politics

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13 Responses to Hollywood’s New Love Affair

  1. arn says:

    They are trying so hard to create a fake reality to justify unexplainable election results in 2 years and get Trump out of the race,that they don’t even mind to reuse failed Rinos.
    And in this case one who is as popular as cancer(the white Kamala Harris) and has done nothing that would explain her popularity ( except being daddies daughter and getting way too many headlines).

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    speaking of love affair, theres many who really like Joe Bastardi. I thought I did but he’s a con artist on the right. His main customers are energy related and profit from spikes in energy futures.
    His tweet this morning shows the wxbell EURO ENS model at 360 hours with temps more than twice as cold as tropical tidbits and pivotal weather.
    I’ve been keeping up for a while and this is common and dishonest. He’s doing exactly what the climate con artist are doing. It’s all about $
    Here’s the tropical tidbits for that hour

    • Eli the Pit Bull says:

      Now here’s his weatherbell map. The difference is shocking

    • Eli the Pit Bull says:

      It won’t let me copy the correct hour. You will have to click hour 360
      Then compare to joe Bastardi map

      • Eli the Pit Bull says:

        An edit feature would be nice.

        • Eli the Pit Bull says:

          It’s not often I agree with the obvious troll that responded to Joe Bastard.
          What I love about Tony is he’s probably the most honest scientist on Twitter.
          He checks his math, then checks it again. If he makes a mistake, he corrects it. This happened when he developed his temp software package and corrected it a few years ago.
          Thanks for being honest Tony!
          But then again, as an engineer myself, we have to be right or people could get hurt

          • conrad ziefle says:

            Among engineers, we still do peer-review that is based on making sure that every bit of the system conforms to real world scientific principles.

    • Disillusioned says:

      We are being groomed for the next round of election theft. This early, Cheney is just kindling for the fire, which will be burnt up quickly (as is the fate of kindling). If I were to place a bet today, the Cabal are planning to make Mike Pence the next POTUS. They need a Republican here and there to make it look like the elections are free and fair. But, what do I know… I’m a wacko conspiracy theorist, …. ;-)

  3. jb says:

    and i thought the utah poll would have mittens romney in the lead!!! LOL!

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    We know that this poll isn’t real, because less than 16% of the people know who Cheney is.

  5. Russell Cook says:

    Imagine the counter opposite, where a Deseret News/Hinckley Institute poll of Democrat presidential candidates had Joe Biden in the lead but showed Stacy Abrams trailing behind Senator Joe Manchin. About a day later, both the newspaper offices and the polling outfit would be burned to the ground.

    One more thing: Hinckley Institute-who?? https://www.hinckley.utah.edu/mission
    What’s their position on CAGW? It’s predictable, of course, e.g.: “Prioritizing Equity in Climate Resilience Planning” https://www.hinckley.utah.edu/calendar/2021/1/20/prioritizing-equity-in-climate-resilience-planning

  6. Bob G says:

    I used to like Liz and I used to like her dad dick. embarrassed to admit it now.

  7. rah says:

    Her time, like that of 8 of 10 other Republicans that voted to impeach Trump, is coming to an end.

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