I’ve Gone Local

Contentious As US Politics, Climate Change Doomsday Debate Divides Science Community | Cowboy State Daily

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  1. CONGRATS Tony.
    You have earned this…

  2. Yammobethere says:

    Great article, I’m sure the letters to the editor regarding it should also be fascinating reads. Congrats to the new team additions!

  3. GWS says:

    You keep grinding it out — I really admire you, Tony!

  4. John B says:

    Agree with Michael Peinsipp, Yammobethere and GWS. You’re a champion Tony. Good to see a couple of allies mentioned prominently here., especially a young Matthew Wielicki.

  5. Bob G says:

    I wish it was just about facts and if it was we’d all plainly see that the climate is the same as it was 100 years ago ….yes slightly warmer than 200 years ago but most of the warming occurred before we had many coal fired power plants and gas guzzling cars.

  6. ‘Global warming’ is central to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, hence it is heavily funded by some super-rich and powerful people whose objective is to impose a world government. Science has nothing to do with it, it is a power grab by those who own the legacy media and fund any pseudo-scientific crap which supports the catastrophe narrative. This is not conspiracy theory; it is openly presented in Schwab’s paper.

    • The solution is to play them at their own game. They try to put turn the public against the truth tellers by presenting them as an internal threat, using derogatory terms such as ‘deniers’ and ‘antivaxxers’, presenting them as a diabolical threat against the majority. The technique was explained by Hermann Goering when asked how the Nazi’s maintained such a firm grip on the people. Now present the passages in ‘the Great Reset’ and all the other anti-humanist propaganda (the Limits to Growth, Silent Spring, the Population Bomb…), and shout the message from the hilltops that these people are out to kill most of mankind, in order to ‘save the planet’. Once the public are aware of where the real existential threat comes from, the tables will turn, not only regarding the climate hoax, but on all the other mythical threats which have been used to justify removal of freedom. Forget about science, the general public is too dumb.

  7. gareth says:

    Good for you Tony, keep it up :-)

    (this message brought to you from near Cambridge, just over the Gogs from ARM)

  8. But! But! we can’t have truth and nasty facts Tony!
    Someone might be offended ….

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