“now accepted as a reality”

The UK Independent has been spreading climate and energy misinformation for decades. The daughter of the Independent’s founder is a “climate activist” and is married to Boris Johnson.

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6 Responses to “now accepted as a reality”

  1. arn says:

    The Independent could have stopped so much misery by exposing wars instead of promoting them for the profit of the very same rich people who own newspapers like the Independent who use global warming as racket to convince people that they are worried about the very least thing Oligarchs care about = climate.

    And the Independent is owned by a Russian Oligarch – you know ,those guys who flee Russia and always end up in a money center like Swiss and London and pretend to follow the woke(who they despise ) agenda which is the exact opposite of their lifestyle and the ways they used to become Oligarchs.

    And the climate crisis could have been solved long time ago by sending “experts”
    and promoters like David King who is a Prof,a Sir and governmental Chief Scientist (so much authority and godlike climate knowledge )
    to live in the climunist Utopia Antarctica.
    Within few days there won’t be noone alive to promote AGW .
    (and noone would even realise that they were gone as they are useless anyway)

    And the next generation of climate experts would not even dare to use the word warming,as there is one golden consens(100 and not just 97%) among the snobbistic communist elite –
    They don’t want to live in a communist Utopia they promote.
    Neither in real communism and especially not in climate utopia Antarctica
    but rather in hot places with(guided) front beach properties and a huge Carbon footprint ,
    which is rather odd for people who are so afraid of rising sea levels,warming and co2.

  2. dearieme says:

    “The daughter of the Independent’s founder … is married to Boris Johnson.”

    With Boris it is particularly important to date-stamp such statements.

  3. mwhite says:

    Just got home from work, zero degrees celsius outside and not a puff of wind. One of the warmer parts of the UK.

  4. Thinkfreeer says:

    Not exactly Independent, are they?

  5. conrad ziefle says:

    Which again proves that most politicians are boneheads that blow any direction that the wind blows. They’re not smart enough to huddle together like the penguins. I hope that their constituents hold them accountable for treason at some point. They could convict them to be staked out in -10C weather should it ever come again. Then, if their predictions about global warming are right, they’ll live. Otherwise, not. Nothing like putting your own life on the line, the way you have done everyone else.

  6. ger fitz says:

    Apologies if someone else has posted this: I am a physical chemist and a lady called Valentina Zharkova has written a paper which may conclusively debunk CO2 warming. She has found an anomaly in the sun’s magnetic footprint which led her to research whether the sun moves closer to earth in a previously- undocumented manner. Apparently, after years of work it looks like the planets exert a force on the sun which causes it to move slightly closer to earth with a predictable frequency, which may very well explain the average warming of the earth since the late 1800’s. She gets very technical on Tom Nelson’s Youtube video, but on its face it makes sense to me and I believe more scientists will gravitate to her findings in the coming years.

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