Rewriting The Climate At NOAA

“Analysis of warming since 1881 shows most of the increase in global temperature happened before 1919 — before the more recent sharp rise in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, said Thomas Karl, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climate Data Center in Asheville, N. C.

While global climate warmed overall since 1881, it actually cooled from 1921 to 1979, Karl said.

“In spite of all the well-publicized concern about global warming, you must understand that there is still considerable uncertainty among scientific experts about a number of critical factors which determine global warming,” NOAA administrator John Knauss said in a statement issued for the geophysics meeting.”

07 Dec 1989, 44 – The Tyler Courier-Times at

Now NOAA shows almost 0.4C warming from 1921 to 1979

Climate Change: Global Temperature | NOAA

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4 Responses to Rewriting The Climate At NOAA

  1. GWS says:

    Without writing, without records, man is no better than a savage.

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    This is all out of kilter with the 1940 tropical period and the coming ice age of the 1970s, It doesn’t match at all with the extreme heat of the 1930s. I guess they can get any graph they want, if they interject assumed or calculated values in all the places where they had no temperature readings. You’d have a clean slate to plug in whatever you want based on the scantiest information.

  3. Peter Carroll says:

    Despite the current hysteria about climate change, the alarmist industry is still really only talking about, global warming. They talk of something called, “climate warming” and call it, climate change.
    A change of climate is something that takes decades of daily records to identify, using the Koppen-Geiger Climate Classisication System.
    These records must include;
    Atmospheric Pressure
    Prevailing Wind
    Other factors affecting climate include;
    Lakes/Inland Seas
    Seas/Oceans and their currents.
    Yet all we ever get is, incessant carping about temperature, which they call, “climate”!

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