1924 Winter Olympics Had Almost No Snow


CHAMONIX, France, Jan. 25.— “With the skating rink and snow slides almost wrecked by thaws, ‘opening of the Olympic games here tomorrow seems dubious. The skating rink is soft and sloppy and slides for the bobsled and ski contests have melted down almost to mud. Athletes of the nineteen nations entered in the winter sports have had practically no preparatory work and are willing to accept a postponement for better weather.

Officials of the French Olympic committee have had carloads of snow hauled down from the mountains to cover up the bare spots in the slide and while it has been made fairly good for practice, it hardly can be used for real competition.”

25 Jan 1924, 15 – Stockton Evening and Sunday Record at Newspapers.com

“The Yonkers Herald – 28 Jan 1928, Sat – Page 15

St. Moritz, Switzerland (AP).—For, once in its career of Winter gaiety St. Moritz has too much snow.

Shovellers and pushers employed , in other years to carry snow to the ski jumps and the slides have been , busy this season clearing it away from the skating rink, the bob-sleigh run and the race track, to. prepare them for the beginning of the Olym-pic Winter sports in February. ,

“Too much snow!” is a complaint that never rose before in the history. of Alpine Winter diversion. At the , Chamonix Olympic events in 1924 a general thaw set in a week before the opening and not enough ice was left on the skating rink to shake a cocktail.”

28 Jan 1928, 15 – The Yonkers Herald at Newspapers.com

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2 Responses to 1924 Winter Olympics Had Almost No Snow

  1. Greg in NZ says:

    1924: No snow in winter Chamonix
    2023: Summer snow in Australia & NZ

    Can anyone spot a trend?

    • conrad ziefle says:

      Yeah, I can hear the climate shamans saying, “But I’m an expert. Listen to me!” as the peasants pile firewood around them.

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