NOAA Climate Fraud Index

The NOAA US Climate Extremes Index is another example of shameless climate fraud from the US government.

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4 Responses to NOAA Climate Fraud Index

  1. Richard says:

    ITS always about money and power- NOAA is no different when controlled by USG Politicians and big business

  2. GWS says:

    Is it that dishonesty has become epidemic, or that the advent of the internet only makes it seem so? Either way, it’s taking a lot of fun out of getting old.

    • Margaret Smith says:

      I agree that my twilight years are filled with worry for younger generations.
      It’s as though people (some of whom should know better) are solidly staring in just one direction and refuse to even glance in another direction because they think they will only see conspiracy theories and shills for Big Oil.
      On the suggestion a look elsewhere might be useful, people get rather angry – why?

      • The alarmists, and demagogues in general, try to convince us that their narrative is the consensus view, even when the very idea of consensus is nonsense when applied to science. It was the trick used in the covid fiasco of setting the mob on the people who wanted facts and genuine science. Whenever such coercion, combined with actual censorship of dissenters, is all the protagonists have to promote their nonsense, it is clear they have no rational argument to offer.

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