Evidence Of Climate Change

Sedimentary rock formations in the desert are now evidence of global warming.

The Latest IPCC Report Will Make You Sad. And Mad. Don’t Give Up! – CleanTechnica

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7 Responses to Evidence Of Climate Change

  1. arn says:

    “Sad and Mad ” – act like a irradiation woke

    “Don’t give up” – we have passed dozens of points of no return,yet we can still save the climate somehow (and will be able to do so in 200 years and 500 more points of no return)
    as climate is the weapon to bypass existing laws and implement any drastic action we want to.

  2. Gamecock says:

    Who needs the IPCC report when we have the CleanTechnica report? This is their review of a report which HAS NOT BEEN ISSUED! Yet CT can already hear the howl.

    ‘The conclusions we are likely to see in the forthcoming report’

    Why can’t you wait for the report? WHY are you commenting now ?!?!

    ‘Because of decades of politically motivated inaction’

    Wuh? Inaction is motivated?

    ‘scientific projections show that we are currently on a trajectory to exceed 1.5˚C in global average temperature increase above pre-industrial levels within the next 10 to 15 years’

    WHAT ??? A 0.4˚C increase in 15 years? This is beyond ignorant. And what is a ‘scientific projection?’ Prediction of the future can be improved by science, I guess.

    ‘To do that in an equitable way, richer countries must meet their responsibility to provide funding for low-income nations to meet climate goals’

    CT DEMANDS colonialism. The UN must take over Africa; it is for their own good.

    ‘it is deeply rooted in an inequitable fossil energy and economic system’

    Ahhh . . . we’re getting to the nut . . .

    ‘To solve it will take marrying our best, most innovative clean technologies to transformative changes in our socioeconomic and political systems that will help create a healthier, safer, more just world for everyone.’

    So it’s not about weather. It’s about global communist government.

    ‘new research showing an irreversible thinning in Arctic ice’

    How many will that kill? Irreversible? What? Once the ice thaws out, it can never be frozen again? It’s -32°F in Cambridge Bay right now. That’ll freeze your . . . ice.

    Note that CleanTechnica manages to get diverse, equitable, and inclusive in their report . . . on the weather. This isn’t about weather at all.

    • I think it is reasonable to extrapolate the hysteria of the last report to ever higher levels of stupidity, so it is reasonable for CT to anticipate the outrageous level of nonsense and hyperbole we can expect. The IPCC really needs to re-read the fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

  3. Richard says:

    IPCC and Rest are all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • GWS says:

      True. The leftist leaders know this and keep quiet while their woke yoots scream and shout and riot and loot as the wimpy right sighs take our money just please be nice.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    I got to “the rich countries” and gave up. It’s just another Marxist ploy to discredit the society that has given the world everything, including food, shelter, health, and happiness, unless you are a Marxist, and then you are perpetually unhappy and want the rest of the world to be at least as unhappy as you are, preferably more so.

  5. Greg in NZ says:

    The day the IPCCCCCC sideshow hit the airwaves, with every man & his dog yelping doomsday unless we all jump backwards, a bitterly cold snow-front looped over the country (jetstream looks impressive) dropping snow & temperatures the length of the islands… it is Autumn Equinox today after all, and weather reality slapped climate fiction out of the ball-park for a 6.

    Delusions of grandeur the lot of ’em.

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